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Ban Appeal

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To whom it may concern,
Greetings, this is player, Jackoutman, my ingame name, as a guild resource managers and gatherer, my role in the game was trying my best to check the price on auction. On the date of 15th of Aug, I had seen some players in my guild talking about the cheap black lotus on the auction, while I was far away from the AH. Then I mailed 13,000 gold from main to alt, the ingame name of that was “Jackoutcc”, I used my alt to buy 8 stacks of black lotus for the purpose of following dj activity of entire guild. After that, I mailed them to my another alt account, ‘Qiudalian’. All these tradings was in the same account. Then I was banned. I believed there was some misunderstandings, I hope GM could investigate and help me unban my account. There was nothing violated our game rules.
My account was erosylh1989, help me with this. Thank you a lot.

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