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Purchasing lvl 37-55 Bows/Guns (Greens, Blues, Epics)

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Hello. My name is Kalipto and I am a tauren hunter on Anathema. I am currently lvl 37 but I am interested in purchasing any potential upgrades for my character. I am interested in any Green/Blue/Epic bows/guns/crossbows for my character at reasonable prices. 

I am most interested in bows. I would like to hopefully purchase an epic one for my character. If you have one to sell I am not interested in paying 200g for an epic, that is not reasonable for my level. I am looking for under 100g. Yes I know there are weapons on the AH for 300g+ but that does not mean that's what they go for, an item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it and I don't believe most epics around my level are worth close to 300g.

If you are interested in selling your ranged weapon to me - Please whisper/add Kalipto on horde-Anathema please. :)

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