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Rogue Leveling

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Hellow from Russian Community!

Our forum almost dead and full of silence, so I hope to find some help from englishspeaking players.

I have two questions for you, guys:

First of all, should i bother about invisibility while leveling and take 10 point in shadow tree? Because every time i try to use my invisibility - mobs see me and i can't use Ambush or Sap. Rogue, who fight without invisibility - almost warrior, i think. And don't forget about fun.

And the second question is about leveling with this tree: 


So, we got some bonuses to our Ambush, Eviscerate and bonuses to Dodge and Parry. Big chance to take a critical strike after killing monster's and many ability to deal damage. 

It's just a question and i don't want to invent bike or something else. Just thinking out loud.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Sorry for my English.

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No one is replying so I'll give you some thoughts, leveling should be fine w/ the skill tree, to maximize clearing you'll want to be ambushing mobs as quick as possible to maintain the crit from Remorseless Attacks.

As for invisibility or stealth, don't use it until rank 2, I leveled just fine w/o putting the 10 points into master of deception, but you'll want to arc (or circle) around the enemy to attack them from behind, as approaching from the front will cause you to be spotted.

Use distraction ability whenever an enemy is moving around or changing directions, to not get accidentally spotted. Good luck!

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