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Some common issues and how to solve them

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1. "My gear has stats that look wrong" or "my friend says that his stats give +X while I can see that they give +Y"


This is caused by conflict in the itemcache.wdb file. Delete your WDB folder inside your WoW installation and the problem goes away. Or get your friend to delete theirs.


2. "I'm a level 10 hunter and when trying to tame a pet for the class quest, I get invalid target"


Make sure that you are trying to tame the right creature. If so, abandon the quest, close your client, delete the WDB folder, take the quest again and it should now work.


3. "I can't feed my pet / I can't train my pet"


Hunters must do a second class quest after learning how to tame pets, to learn Beast Training and Feed skills. This is done visiting the class trainer in your race capital.


4. "I'm in a group and cannot skin a beast that I normally can"


It's because there is unclaimed loot on the corpse. Ask your group members to loot it or at least open the loot window or turn FFA loot on.


5. "I've killed a hundred mobs and this quest item is not dropping"


Make sure that you are killing the right mobs. Read the quest text, ask other players, use Google.


6. "Tirion Fordring tells me to listen to his story but the dialogue bubble is not coming up"


Read the quest text very carefully and do exactly as he tells you to do.


7. "I cannot connect to the server / I get immediately disconnected"


First, try resetting your modem and router. If that doesn't work, please try opening your Config.wtf file, and removing the server name completely. Restart your WoW client. If the issue persists, open the Config.wtf file and find the line "SET realmName ".....". If this line is present, make sure one of our realm names is inside the quotation. If it is "QA Test Realm ____", change it to the name of one of our realms. (If it is not present, add SET realmName "Desired realm" ). If you are still unable to connect, or need assistance,  please pursue help in one of our support channels in Discord or the "Help and Support" subforum.


8. "I see a herb/mine node on my minimap but cannot see it in the world"


Zoom your minimap as close as possible and make sure you're actually next to it. Some herbs especially can hide well among foliage if your graphical settings are maxed out. If you're sure that the node is really underground or inside a tree, please post its location in our Bug Tracker.


9. "I experience constant micro stuttering despite having a powerful PC"


This is a known issue and is due to the code that the vanilla client uses. Remember, it was made back in 2004. The best method to combat this is to use Windows display settings or your video card control panel settings to use refresh rate 64 Hz as well as use the same refresh rate for your monitor. In the WoW client, you can leave the refresh rate at 60 but do turn v-sync on. This trick seems to have the best result.


10. "I want to play with a massive resolution but my WoW client only goes up to X. Can I make it bigger?"


Yes you can. Interestingly, retail WoW and vanilla WoW share some Windows registry hooks. The easiest workaround is to install retail WoW, launch it once to set up the resolution that you want (you don't even have to wait for it finish downloading and trial accounts are free) and then launch vanilla WoW - when it asks to reset settings because of a hardware change, decline and your super-duper-amazing 4K resolution will now be working in vanilla WoW.


11. “I just created an account and it says I’m banned.”


If you just created an account and it says you are temporarily banned then you forgot to activate your account by clicking the activation link in the e-mail sent to your registered e-mail address.

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