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AQ Weapon Ranks

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I'm more experienced with daggers then swords so bare with me.  Assuming AQ 40 availability but Nax gear is not available is the weapon ranking for swords that I have correct?  My guild has struggled with getting any sort of melee weapon drops.

Main:  AQR > CTS > Viskag > Claw of Black Drake > Brutality Blade... I know claw is a fist but this drops more than even BB for us.
Offhand:  CTS> Maladath> Brutality Blade> ZG sword

I saw some discussion over rankings due to human vs non human related to the offhand situation with maladath.
For non humans are the rankings:  Maladath > CTS > BB > ZG sword ? 

- I struggle with assessing the value of +weapon skill vs + a lot of stats on weapons.  My own thoughts tell me no way bliz intended to make +skill so sought after but that just my own opinion.


Daggers seems pretty simple:
Main:   Deathsting > Pugio> Perditions
Offhand: Pugio> CHT> Dragonfang blade

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