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      READ THIS BEFORE POSTING   10/24/2017

      We are always interested in receiving feedback and suggestions from our community However, we do have a project philosophy, which is to create and maintain a Blizzlike Vanilla server for all players. This means that some suggestions will always be refused and posting them is a waste of time. Below is a non-exhaustive list of suggestions that you should not bother posting: Dual-spec Removed / reduced re-spec costs Dungeon finder / group finder Name / race / class / faction / appearance change services Any Pay-To-Win services Increased XP / Gold / Honour rates WoD models or allowing players to edit game files Also please avoid creating duplicate threads. Thank you for understanding.
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Legion Models

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It's against the terms of use to modify game files, and you will be banned if it is detected by their anti-cheat software.

Use at your own risk.

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