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Development Update 11.12.2017

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Nighthaven PvP
Currently on Patch 1.2, Mysteries of Maraudon.


  • No longer PVP flagged while using Taxi service.
  • Horde players now gets PVP flagged correctly when entering Eastern Plaguelands.


  • Rogue
    • Hunter pets no longer follow while player is stealthed.
  • Druid
    • No longer possible to go prowl outside of cat form.
  • Warlock
    • Drain Soul is now affected by Grim reach.
  • Warrior
    • Blood fury triggers correct on base melee attack power.


  • A Dark Threat Looms now requires level 16.
  • Find OOX-09/HL! now requires level 43.
  • The Tome of valor is now working correctly.
  • Cuergo's Gold is now repeatable.
  • Elixir of Agony now requires level 24.
  • Battle of Hillsbrad now requires level 26.
  • Freedom for All Creatures is revamped so the player doesn´t fail the quest, once the timer goes out.
  • The Runed Scroll now requires level 15.
  • Assassination Plot now requires level 23.
  • The Demon Scarred Cloak now requires level 6.
  • Freedom to Ruul now has the correct pathing while escorting.
  • Lakota'Mani now requires only level 10 to start.
  • Owatanka now requires only level 10 to start.
  • Washte Pawne now requires only level 10 to start.
  • Chen's Empty Keg part 3 now gives experience when completing.


  • Takk the Leaper now has the correct movement speed.
  • Slow effect now triggers correct on fleeing NPC's.
  • Burning Blade summoners Imp pet now assist his master.
  • Fleeing monsters are no longer sprinting - but instead moving at slower speed.


  • Pattern: Living Shoulders is now limited to 1 in stock with a restock timer.
  • Pattern: Green Whelp Bracers is now limited to 1 in stock with a restock timer.
  • Pattern: Turtle Scale Gloves is now limited to 1 in stock with a restock timer.
  • Tome of Conjured Food VII now drops properly.
  • Minor Recombobulator is no longer a blank item.

As always, please submit your bug reports here: https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues
This makes it easier for us to place all reports in one location and ensure we fix bugs as fast and efficiently as possible.

Elysium Staff.

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