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Best professions for enh Shaman?

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So I'm wondering what's the most useful professions a enhancement shaman can use? Are there perhaps a handful of options or is there only one way?

Thank's for any answers!

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Useful for what? Making money? PvE? PvP?

I guess herbalism+alchemy is the most universal combo, but if we're talking about adding extra features, that can't be bought - definetly mining + engineering.

I can't see a single point in taking bs as a shammy - maybe Iorthiras will elaborate.

Meanwhile for making money go herb/mining/enchanting - I can see that work and you will be able to cancel one of the gathering ones for crafting later on.

Lowest appliance in my opinion would be skinning+leatherworking and similar combos giving you just a couple of replaceable items here and there that can also be easliy crafted on the side if you really need those.

Oh and keep in mind, that leveling professions takes time and the most natural way of doing that is leveling em along with leveling your character.

If you decide to keem profs up to date, be ready to spend a game session on leveling professions alone from time to time.

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