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Development Update 29.12.2017

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Nighthaven PvP
Currently on Patch 1.3, Ruins of the Dire Maul. 

Important: Please make sure to clean your WDB folder in order to allow some updates to be displayed correct by your WoW client.


  • Low level bank alts can once again send mail to other characters on the same account.
  • A network stack bug that was causing connection problems is now solved.
  • Quest sharing chatlog messages will now display the correct character names.
  • Opposing faction NPCs in low level uncontested zones will no longer flag characters for PvP.
  • The creature flee effect has been fixed, creatures should flee at the proper speed now.
  • The time a creature will follow a player has been reduced.
  • Summon effects will now display in the combat log.
  • Serveral updates to creature AI were made to resolve issues related to evading due to unreachable target.
  • Move "Line Of Sight"-check slightly later for minor optimization.
  • Revamped the Line of sight and evade mechanics for AI.
  • Correctly return bidded auctions rather than owned auctions for bid listing.
  • Optimization of Auction House items and listings.
  • Add evade check on delayed spells.
  • Fix to wrapped items not being saved to the database correctly.
  • Corrected npc text IDs.
  • Attack timer is now working more correct.
  • Fix to damage immunity checks.

Dire Maul

  • Doomguard Minion have had their AI updated.
  • Cast timer for Residual Monstrosity Arcane Blast has been fixed. They will no longer excessively cast it.
  • Upon death Residual Monstrosities will now spawn Mana Bursts.
  • Alzzin the Wildshaper will now appear the correct size on Dire Wolf form and tree form.
  • Lethtendris Void Bolt has had its damage adjusted to the correct levels.
  • Lethtendris is no longer immune to stun effects.


  • Hunter
    • Serpents are now tameable by Hunters.
  • Mage
    • The Mage Tier 2 set will properly reduce threat generated by Scorch, Arcane Missiles, Fireball and Frostbolt spells.
  • Paladin
    • Seal of the Crusader has the proper reduced damage per swing.
  • Shaman
    • Water walking will work properly when in Spirit Wolf form.
  • Warlock
    • Minor fix to Shadow Vulnerability proc mechanics.


  • Tooga will no longer follow players if they decline Tooga's Quest.
  • Unrefined Ore Samples (Horde quest A New Ore Sample) drop rate has been lowered from 100% to the correct rate.
  • Creeper Ichor (Horde quest Elixir of Suffering) drop rate has been lowered to the correct rate.
  • Removed Quest Item for Pristine Yeti Hide since it´s ment to come in patch 1.5.


  • Removed Invalid "TemporarySummon" casting and handling of Guardian pet for Tapoke "Slim" Jahn.
  • Nathanos Blightcaller's timers have been adjusted.
  • Removed mobs ability to actively daze the player.


  • Item cooldowns will no longer reset on relog.
  • The buy price for Black Stalltion Bridle has been corrected.
  • Alterac Spring Water will now stack.
  • Talisman of Binding has has dropped once and now been removed from the loot tables. Congratulations again to Nastrond of <Tales Of The Past>.
  • Snowball will no longer hit the thrower.
  • Lowered the Ironfoe Chance on hit rate.


  • Leatherworking
    • Devilsaur set now requires the correct path when crafted.

Bug Reports

Bug reports should go to Elysium's bug-tracker on GitHub.

1. Go to https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues
2. Do a search first (search box at top has `is:issue is:open`, append your search text to that). 
3. If a similar issue exists, add any additional details you have.
4. If no similar issue exists, please open a new one. 

Note: *Fixed* issues may not be in production yet, but should appear in a coming update.

Elysium Staff.


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