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Classes/Role Statistics?

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During the leveling phase tanks are the most needed role, then healers.

Good thing though - feral druids, paladins, pets and even shamans can tank dungeons.

Warriors are the only accepted tanks in raids, mostly because it's difficult to find a group - let alone the whole raid - that wouldn't want to make getting epix as easy as possible. Tanking raids with any other class is for hardcore players playing in hardcore guilds.

As of lacking classes and specs... I guess, in pug raids it's about the same as while leveling: tanks, then heals.

Keep in mind, that with guild raiding it can be quite different. If we're talking static raids, you never actually know.

It can be full on tanks or let's say rogues. But the next raid two rogues get the last items they needed and OH CRAP WE NEED TWO GOOD ROGUES. Or the guild officers may decide to create a second raid and will suddenly need tanks/anything. Plus on well populated servers you can always count to join or even create a pug.

The conclusion: play whatever you feel like, play what you really want. You're playing for yourself, and self motivation is pretty important on the long run.

Do your homework - farm dungeons, create macros, learn your class and spec.

Play it good enough, don't slack, and you will always be needed.

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