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Development Update 16.01.2018

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Nighthaven PVP

Currently on Patch 1.4, Call for war.

Important: Please make sure to clean your WDB folder in order to allow some updates to be displayed correctly by your WoW client.


  • Dishonorable kills have been removed from current patch. They will return in Content Patch 1.5.
  • Fixed the issue causing players using the MacOS client to disconnect when changing maps.
  • Fixed a issue where you could sheep and mind control a mob - while no longer mind controlled the sheep never got demorphed.


  • Warrior
    • Cleave and Overpower has been revamped and now working properly.
  • Warlock
    • Fixed a summon glitch where players were still mounted in a non-mount zone.
  • Rogue
    • Azuregos no longer removes stealth from rogues.
  • Druid
    • Rake has been reworked.


  • All quests from level 31 - 60 were awarding the incorrect amount of XP. This has now been fixed (see earlier patch notes).
  • The Balance of Light and Shadow has now been fixed.
  • A Grave Situation is now working properly.
  • Messenger to Stormwind level requirement has been changed.
  • Bitter Rivals is now repeatable.
  • Samophlange has been reworked.
  • Ammo for rumbleshot has been changed to work more correctly.
  • Westbrook Garrison has been reworked to start properly.
  • Goblin sponsorship has been tweaked to correct level requirements.
  • Back to Booty bay has been changed to correct level requirements.
  • Continued Threat now requires Threat From the Sea to be started.
  • Gyromast's Revenge escort is now working properly.
  • The Real Threat now requires Call to Arms.


  • Balos Jacken is no longer evading and spamming the chatlog. Instead he gives you a quest at low health.
  • Done minor fixes on mobs run speed while fleeing.
  • Innkeeper Belm is now restricted to not sell Valentines items while the event isn´t on.
  • Inkeeper Belm is no longer showing a Hearthstone in his list of items to buy. 
  • Caryssia Moonhunter now offers training for people with correct specialization.
  • Caryssia Moonhunter quest has been reworked - pre-quests are required for the quest Tribal Leatherworking.


  • Atal'ai Artifact objects are now spawned at the correct spots.


  • Maraudon 
    • Corrupt Force of Nature does now attack enemy players when summoned by Celebras.


  •  Devlisaur leatherworking recipes will now work correctly with Tribal Leatherworking.
  •  Tribal Leatherworking is now correctly registering on the players.

Bug Reports

Bug reports should go to Elysium's bug-tracker on GitHub.

  1. Go to the Elysium Project bug-tracker.
  2. Do a search first (search box at top has is:issue is:open, append your search text to that). 
  3. If a similar issue exists, add any additional details you have.
  4. If no similar issue exists, please open a new one. 

Note: *Fixed* issues may not be in production yet, but should appear in a coming update.

Elysium Staff.

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