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GM Multi-boxing scare!

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Hi everyone!

I'll start off by saying that I'm completely new to WoW; Elysium is the first server I've played on. But so far I love this game. My main is a lv 35 Night Elf Druid who I've grinded with, quested with, celebrated with, and cried over lol. I've invested about a week of time into her so I love her dearly.

99% of the time I play, my boyfriend will log in to his Dwarf Rogue and we quest together for hours at a time. He's a WoW vet and has taught me everything I know about how to play the game, but I still have a lot to learn/figure out. For example, I never have ANY idea where I'm going. I get lost so often it's frustrating. I don't enjoy wandering around for an extra hour trying to figure out where the heck I need to turn in a quest. But my boyfriend has practically memorized the entire map, lol. So I'll just auto-follow him and let him take me to quest I need to turn in/start or the new town that is half-way across the world that I need to be questing in.

Anyways, last night we're questing as usual and I'm auto-following him as usual to turn in a quest... Then all of a sudden we're warped to this tiny little island and my mini map says we're in "the deadzone." DUHN DUHN DUHN. I was freaking out because I thought we had fallen through a crack in the game and were stuck in a glitched island forever. Then someone began to type to us! A voice from nowhere! That was also freaky, lol. I had no idea what had just happened or what was going on, but my boyfriend instantly got nervous saying "Hey! This guy is an admin! What's happening?"

The GM said that multi boxing was against the rules. I didn't even know what multi boxing was until my boyfriend explained it, but they thought I wasn't a real person because I auto-follow too much... I was a little offended, but mostly scared ha ha.

We told him that we're two people, but he wanted to make sure so he administered a test that has us both run in circles at the same time. This seemed to appease him slightly. He then went on to warp us to a different part of the deadzone island, where he asked us questions about how we liked his island. In all fairness, it was a really cool island lol. It even had a unique shark enemy in the water that scared the crap out of me ha ha! I guess we answered him at the same time and that finally convinced him that we are indeed two different people.

The GM was very professional and polite, but I was so confused and scared because all I knew was that I was in danger of having my main account banned! He then told us to enjoy the game promptly warped us back to where we had been questing. It was such a trip, ha ha!

I immediately went to look up all the rules and guidelines (like I should have done in the beginning) to make sure that I would never be at risk of having my account banned over something as dumb as me not knowing all the rules.



My question is: Should I now feel nervous about auto-following? How much auto-following is too much auto-following? I've been auto following my boyfriend a lot of places since level 1 (now I'm level 35)... But this is the first time I've been confronted about it and it's got me scared to ever do it again!  Sometime I'll auto-follow him and get up from the computer to do something else for a little while, is that against the rules too? I mean, we're not multi boxing, we're two different people, but now I'm concerned! 


Sorry for being a noob, thank you in advance!


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That is a fantastic story, I really wish my GF was as interested in the game as you are! Glad you found something in common to enjoy together!

Anyway, the GMs on this server are very proactive, they try to seek out botters/cheaters/multiboxers ahead of time. In your case, it turned out to be a false positive, and you answered all of his questions and he was convinced, so honestly I wouldn't worry too much about it going forward. If you happen to get warped again, just mention that you already were cleared of any wrongdoing, the GMs have logs I imagine. 

Have fun! You're only level 35, but the grind starts to get a bit rough all the way to 60!



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No, you should not worry about using the follow function at all.

However maybe you should get comfortable with the minimap, worldmap and zones, so you don't have to get lost all the time:)

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