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  1. DarknessCalls

    Disconnected from server

    Open up that file in notepad. Type in set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org Then save, and close the file. That file helps the game to determine which server you are connecting to.
  2. DarknessCalls

    Characters Disappearing?

    There was a several hours unintentional rollback while they were doing a server merge, I'm afraid your rogue is gone for good and will have to be remade. It's not a recurring issue though.
  3. DarknessCalls

    Server Merge is here!

    The "Stratholme" server took direct copies of the characters from Light's Hope using their transfer tool, that's why it was more up-to-date, but it was a tool that you had to personally use, and there was constantly issues and errors. The characters restored used the only backups available when Light's Hope shutdown the servers and copied the database last October. So that is basically the reason.
  4. DarknessCalls

    I can't get into the character select screen.

    Is your realmlist file setup properly? set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org
  5. Follow the guide here https://elysium-project.org/howtoplay/en
  6. Open the realmlist.wtf file in notepad, and put in the following, and save: set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org
  7. DarknessCalls

    Character was no transferred

    No that is not possible. Nost allowed transfers to Elysium a couple of years ago when they were shutting down, but their transfer window was only for a few days. If you didn't do it at that time, your Nost characters are gone for good. Elysium does not have the Nost server database.
  8. DarknessCalls

    Lost Character

    It's only a level 6 mate... takes an hour to rebuild one.
  9. If you getting that message, then your realmlist file is not setup properly, or you have a corrupt client (or you have the wrong version, needs to be 1.12.1)
  10. My guess is no, but put in a GM ticket in-game to see.
  11. DarknessCalls

    Character was no transferred

    Your best bet is to keep an eye on discord, they provide faster updates there. All we know from here is that it will occur within the next 24 hours or so.
  12. DarknessCalls

    Character was no transferred

    The transfers haven't occurred yet.
  13. DarknessCalls

    Lost Character

    There was a big rollback, I'm afraid any progress you had over the last 12 hours or so of playing is gone. Only thing they are restoring is blue or epic items looted.
  14. DarknessCalls

    TBC Update & Restoring 2017 Characters!

    Lame... but thanks for the update..... (I don't have access to Discord while at work, so I rely on the forums for information)
  15. DarknessCalls

    TBC Update & Restoring 2017 Characters!

    Your best bet is to try their discord, they usually provide more timely updates on there, and you may be able to ask someone for more info.