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  1. Account Banned

    ... This is how GMs test whether to ban someone? Seriously hope he is joking.
  2. Pop

    Yes this is why high pop servers in early vanilla had 5k+ queues and Blizz raised the cap. I'm not trying to stomp anything, hardly anyone checks forums anyhow, just giving facts, I've seen several fresh realms come and go these past years on vanilla.
  3. Pop

    It really needs to hit 4k+ minimum for it to be sustainable in the long run, but hey, maybe it will just keep on growing.
  4. WoW 1.12.1 Vanilla client

    Google is your friend.
  5. Pop

    Right now, these numbers are not too good. When Elysium PvP first launched as fresh many months ago, it was at capacity with long daily queues (5k+), then the pop slowly died down as the 'fresh' feeling went away, but it still maintains a healthy consistent 5-8k pop on Light's Hope every day. This server will lose population once the 'freshness' goes away, it's inevitable for all new servers, just depends on how many stick around. Too early to tell, but I have seen many fresh servers come and go, based on the fact this hit less than 2k on opening day, it is in big danger of turning into a ghost town based on earlier trends. ALL THAT BEING SAID - I could end up being wrong, like I said I point to earlier trends but now we have classic WoW coming out, so perhaps an influx of new players will keep joining up to replace those that leave, time will tell. BUT - even if the server maintains its average 1.5k population, that's still on the very low end of what it needs to be a sustainable, healthy server...
  6. Highrate server?

    I just looked at the list of private vanilla servers from the wowservers reddit, and I see five or so that offer higher rates. I would suggest checking there. The most popular vanilla WoW servers stay at 1x for a reason (most players prefer Blizz-like experience).
  7. Can't talk, only can in party..?

    You probably said one of the banned phrases (metioned LH is my guess). Open a GM ticket in-game, they can fix it.
  8. Fresh Realm Release: Nighthaven PvP

    All you need is 1.12.1 client
  9. Honestly I'm hoping Blizzard's timeline is sooner rather than later, not sure where you getting this idea that it's going to take them a year. Tired of the Euro drama and shady practices that are exposed every few months that you all drag the community through, and finally glad to be done with it completely.
  10. First Topic

    Yes, instead of separate populations of 100, 50, and 40, now finally it will be combined population of around 250 and no PvE server. How awesome!
  11. Let's Save Darrowshire

    This server is capping at around 50 population these past couple of days, there's basically no saving it (unless you go to the Darrowshire on LH.... around 1k pop there as usual) http://vanillaradar.com/elysium-stats/
  12. Fresh Realm Release: Nighthaven PvP

    This, this, and this. Also, still need a statement of intent or some other long post about how the transparency will be improved and mistakes of the past (generating gold/characters and selling) will not be repeated. I must say so far I am not impressed... When I asked for some more transparency for specific issues on discord, I was banned. Not that it's a big deal, I'm not on discord often, but I wasn't trolling or anything, so I don't get what's up with that...
  13. When it launches it will be around 2k or so pop, the F R E S H server vultures always go nuts. But yes it's inevitable that the hype will die down in a couple of weeks. I predict mid-hundreds population eventually, especially if they really commit to this 'accelerated' timeline nonsense into TBC, instead of actually having a blizz-like progression schedule.
  14. Fresh Realm Release: Nighthaven PvP

    Fresh is always enticing and I understand why you guys are doing it, you basically have no choice since Elysium peaked at around only 150-200 players since coming back online. But unless you guys get your act together and have a plan going forward, along with a full statement on how you won't repeat the same mistakes of the past from those at the top and steps taken to ensure transparency, such a venture will dwindle within a short couple of weeks. I certainly won't be re-rolling and staying unless I have some assurances, others I'm certain will feel the same.
  15. You are the biggest shill apologist on here. I'm sorry that asking for a little bit of transparency on the process goes way over your head. Let the big boys talk going forward, ok?