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  1. dont my account

    What error message do you get when you try to log in?
  2. dont my account

    Might want to try and provide some more details.
  3. Arlikin - Ninja Looter

    Gotta provide screenshots or some proof, otherwise anyone can claim that someone is a ninja.
  4. Stats bug on items?

    Sounds like your cache is out-of-date. Close out of the game and delete the WDB folder, that should solve it.
  5. Download client

    Google WoW 1.12.1 client
  6. GM Multi-boxing scare!

    That is a fantastic story, I really wish my GF was as interested in the game as you are! Glad you found something in common to enjoy together! Anyway, the GMs on this server are very proactive, they try to seek out botters/cheaters/multiboxers ahead of time. In your case, it turned out to be a false positive, and you answered all of his questions and he was convinced, so honestly I wouldn't worry too much about it going forward. If you happen to get warped again, just mention that you already were cleared of any wrongdoing, the GMs have logs I imagine. Have fun! You're only level 35, but the grind starts to get a bit rough all the way to 60!
  7. These two things are not related in the slightest. Possibly the dumbest post I have seen here in a long time
  8. Rogue's sap

    There's a talent you can take for it not to break stealth in the Sub tree. All abilities are designed the way it was intended during Vanilla, so there will be no class changes unless an actual bug is discovered. And it was intended for sap to break stealth unless you have the talent.
  9. i want my 180g epic mount

    I wasn't happy either at the time, but honestly it's been a month now - time to move on. Won't be any fixes to the issue and Devs won't comment on it either. If you're that upset, there are other vanilla projects out there (and a new one coming up too).
  10. 2FA

    That's a real shame, but I appreciate the honesty.
  11. 2FA

    Any update?
  12. Pussy alliance

    Devs have constantly provided statistics that the population is nearly even, only very slightly horde favored.
  13. Item display incorrect stats

    Sounds like one person is looking at stats of an item that are at a later patch then what the server is on. You need to provide specific examples though.
  14. chracter missing again ?

    Probably have to open a ticket in-game
  15. Item display incorrect stats

    How do you know they are outdated? Can you give examples? Keep in mind the patch on the server is currently 1.4, so they may look very different from the 1.12.1 stats shown on servers like vanilla database.