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  1. Can't seem to connect properly

    If your realmlist file is setup correctly and you still having issues, then you probably have a corrupted client.
  2. In mid-October, lots of drama occurred and a big split happened and the two teams split up, you can google for more information on how to access your characters. But suffice to say your characters are not here on this project any longer, the only thing you can do is roll a new character on Nighthaven.
  3. Moving Character

  4. Population

    I never understood this line of thinking... 2k peaks are more than enough for a healthy population of a server. That's like medium-to-high pop for a Blizz server nowadays, and private servers even with less than 1k can do just fine. But ever since Nost came around the private server scene a few years ago, unless something is 5k+, then it's a "dead" server. But don't worry, I found the perfect solution - a new Elysium fresh server release just 2 weeks after the LH fresh server. They won't know what hit 'em!
  5. Does not let me log in.

    Bumping a 6 month old topic probably wasn't necessary.
  6. can't join pvp

    I'm fairly certain the 10-19 bracket was not added until Patch 1.8 (we're on 1.7 now).
  7. 2 second after enterin Game Crush on 1 character

    Try disabling your addons.
  8. Is it still possible to transfer characters?

    No, transfers are not possible at this time, maybe someday in the future? But never any transfers between characters on Light's Hope and Elysium, they are two separate projects now and don't exactly get a long with each other.
  9. I am unable to connect to Elysium, please help!

    The only thing needed on your realmlist file is: set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org
  10. Worried about Population, new light hope FS

    I would not be surprised if another fresh server was released shortly after Light's Hope releases theirs, just to try and recapture part of the share of Vanilla players. They claim they want to progress to BC, but I doubt any actual progress has been made (to be fair, I was highly skeptical it could happen before the split last year, and Kronos promises the same thing but I don't think they will deliver either).
  11. Raise items stack number

    People play on this and other Blizzlike servers cause they want to experience Vanilla as it was back in the day, that includes the inconvenient things. There are other servers out there if you want to experience 'custom' changes. My opinion - you get a slippery slope if you start making quality of life changes such as this, where more will be demanded or needed. Eventually, you might as well go play Retail cause that's what Blizzard ended up doing over the years, and it's why the franchise is currently a joke.
  12. I forgot my account name

    If you look into the WTF folder within your WoW directory, it will show all account names you have used.
  13. Raise items stack number

    The server aims to be as Blizzlike as possible during the vanilla period of time, and such a change would go against that.
  14. Log-in Disconnects, random lock up

    Could be a corrupted client, try reinstalling with a fresh one.