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Development Update 11.02.2018

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Nighthaven PVP

Currently on Patch 1.5, Battlegrounds.

Important: Please make sure to clean your WDB folder in order to allow some updates to be displayed correctly by your WoW client.


  • Fixed some minor issues while sending mail to players alt.
  • Done some corrections on the XP amount gained by players on certain mobs.


  • Mage
    • Fix that makes polymorph work more correct.
  • Warlock
    • Fixed a issue when a player received a summon but used a heartstone instead.
    • Imp fire bolt rank 1 no longer does insane amount of damage.


  • Befouled by Satyr can now be started in the correct order of earlier prequests.
  • Favor Amongst the brotherhood, Fiery Core is now repeatable (Thorium Brotherhood reputation).
  • The completed Orb of Dar'Orahil can now be turned in.
  • Call of fire can now be turned in properly.
  • Cuergo's gold can now be turned in properly.
  • Players can now pick up the quest Arena Master properly.
  • Race-specific introduction quest to flight paths has been revamped to properly work.
    • A Swift Message - Human
    • Honor students - Dwarf/Gnome
    • Nessa Shadowsong - Nightelf
    • Supplying the Sepulcher - Undead
    • Meats to orgrimmar - Orc/Troll
    • A bundle of hides - Tauren


  • Hezrul Bloodmark is now propely linked with his bodyguards.
  • Burning Blade summoner´s pet (imp) has been revamped with more correct behavior.
  • Hatefury Hellcaller now remembers how to auto-attack at all times.
  • Our secret Spawn point NPC above Orgrimmar is no longer visible for some players.


  • Atal'ai Artifact objects are now spawned at the correct spots.
  • Rough dynamite is now working properly and added back to the server.


  • Dire Maul: West 
    • Ironbark protectors are no longer stacking while patrolling.
    • Arcane abberrations has now the proper density.
  • Dire Maul: East
    • Zevrim Thornhoof´s spell sacrifice now works more properly.
  • Dire Maul: North
    • Captain Kromcrush is no longer hostile towards players who´s the new King of Gordok
    • Captain Komcrush is no longer giving the quest Unfinished Gordok Business to anyone talking to him, instead it requires a full tribute run.
  • Upper blackrock spire
    • The rend event is now working properly between waves allowing players out of combat.


  •  Heavy mageweave bandage can now properly be trained.

Bug Reports

Bug reports should go to Elysium's bug-tracker on GitHub.

  1. Go to the Elysium Project bug-tracker.
  2. Do a search first (search box at top has is:issue is:open, append your search text to that). 
  3. If a similar issue exists, add any additional details you have.
  4. If no similar issue exists, please open a new one. 

Note: *Fixed* issues may not be in production yet, but should appear in a coming update.

Elysium Staff.


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