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Loosing my pet

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I recently started playing on this server as a hunter.

I made it to lvl 10, and did my hunter quest to be able to tame a pet.

My problem is when ever i tame a pet i keep loosing it. I made a macro to feed it, and are feeding it constantly to keep the mood up. I tamed about 5 or 6 boars and  I gained 3 lvls for 1 of them, and suddenly when running to the next mop it disappears.

Can any body tell me what im doing wrong, cuz im loosing my mind trying to figure :P


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I also lost my first 2 tamed pets, got sick of it and bought 2 stacks of meat, and literally fed it one every minute.
I have no idea if this is normal or not, but it felt inconsistent and a bit like a gameplay oversight imo.

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