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<Blackhand> Aliance

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Hello guys, how are you doin' today?


Just wanted to inform you that new guild on Aliance side named <Blackhand> is recruiting. We have been created just a week ago, guild have been created by few players that comes from Warmane and who were not so happy with that server anymore considering the fact theres lots of corruption etc etc, but thats other story now. We made lots of progress (Considering our own level) We fully cleared Uldaman/Zul'farrak, Maraudon coming soon, after it Sunken temple, then LBS AND UBS, then when we get enough players through the instances the real things beggins, well thats the plan atleast.

I would also like to state that we're going to be PvP guild as well, now im not sure if que for bgs works with an addon like in other expansion (Perform AV enabler) but i will check it out, however, if it doesnt, world PvP guaranteed.

Guild is very friendly, people in it are very friendly and always able to help you out.


If you need an guild, welcome!


However, we wont be recruiting everyone, there are some requirements that player needs to have such as some experience ingame, fluent english atleast etc etc.

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