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Terms of Use Agreement


Revised: 2018-10-16


This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which you are bound by when registering or connecting to any Elysium service.

If you feel a player has violated this agreement, please report them with the corresponding system.


I. Code of Conduct

The guidelines and rules listed below explain what behaviour is expected of you and what behaviour you can expect from other users both in-game and on the forum. Note that the following guidelines are not exhaustive, and may not address all manner of offensive behaviour.

While using any Elysium service, you will encounter a large number of users who share different experiences and come from different backgrounds. While certain language and images may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that the same language and images may have a completely different effect on someone else.

All users on Elysium must adhere to these rules. Violations will lead to the corresponding sanction on the player's in-game or forum account.


A. Naming policy

When choosing a character name, creating a guild, or otherwise creating a label that can be seen by other users using the Game or the service, you must abide by the guidelines set forth here, as well as the rules of common decency.

If Elysium staff finds such a label to be offensive or inappropriate, it may, in its sole and absolute discretion, change the name, remove the label and corresponding chat room, and/or suspend or terminate your use of the service. Guilds which violate the policy will be deleted with or without warning.


You may not create a name or label related, referring, incorporates or utilizes any of the following:

  • Religion, Politics, Organizations;
  • Nationality, Racism, Ethnics;
  • Harassment or Defamation;
  • Obscenity, Vulgarity, Insults;
  • Sexually explicit, Violence;
  • Hateful, Drugs, Unlawful;
  • Staff member or any staff oriented name;
  • Incomprehensible.


B. Interacting with players and staff

Communicating in-game with other users and staff members, whether by text or any other method, is a fundamental element of the Game. The following rules are not intended to be exhaustive. Elysium staff may use their discretion to decide what may break these rules.

When communicating with other users and staff, you may not:

  • Communicate any unlawful, obscene, racist or any such language and/or imagery deemed inappropriate by Elysium staff.
  • Circumvent the /ignore function to communicate with a user, regardless of circumstances.
  • Disrupt any feature of the Game and/or any component thereof in a manner that is deemed negatively on other users, including but not limited to, sending junk mail, repeated unsolicited messages, sending advertisement and/or services for goods or services originating outside the Game.
  • Participate in any action that, in the sole and absolute discretion of Elysium staff, results or may result in a player being "scammed" or defrauded out of currency or any other items the user has earned.
  • Advertise or operate services in-game and/or on the forum which in the sole discretion of Elysium staff is considered a casino and/or gambling.
  • Send chat messages that has in any way been modified to change the publicly shown color of the respective message.
  • Impersonate any user, including without limitation any "game master" or any other Elysium staff member.
  • Communicate, post and/or direct users to information regarding a user's or staff member's identity and/or personal information.
  • Institute, assist, threaten, or become involved in an attack upon any Elysium service or any of its users in an attempt to disrupt the servers or experience of users.
  • Lie to, or attempt to deceive Elysium staff.
  • Use non-English language in public channels.


C. Gameplay

a ). Player vs Player

The Elysium staff recognizes all play styles to be valid and a part of the game and not harassment. Killing players of your opposing faction, including camping players at spirit healers, corpses and/or gravestones, is considered a part of the game.

While playing on a Player vs. Player server, you should always remember to protect yourself in zones where the members of a hostile faction can attack you.


b ). Streaming

Streaming on any service is allowed by Elysium, however, we encourage you to research the TOU of the streaming service you intend to use in order to protect your streaming account.

c ). Safespotting

Safespotting is prohibited under all circumstances. This is the act of engaging in PvP combat while exploiting a position that cannot be reached with basic jumping (no wall-climbing), or engaging enemy players while being in an advantageous position where guards cannot reach you due to pathing, line of sight, or any other game mechanic.


d ). Certain behaviour goes beyond what is considered fair and are considered a violation of this agreement. This behaviour includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Using or exploiting errors in design, features, and/or bugs to gain access that is otherwise not available, to facilitate and/or grant you an advantage over other players.

Engaging players through various world terrain, such as roofs that is otherwise not accessible to gain an advantage.

Intentionally not participating in a battleground.


D. Griefing

In an effort to maintain our commitment to a "Blizzlike" experience, the GM team will not get involved with player "griefing" disputes in game. The only exception to this rule is same-faction griefing, as determined by the GM Team.

Example: You're farming mobs or killing a quest mob, and a mage of your same faction spam Polymorph's your mobs, causing you to be unable to kill it and complete your quest/farming. This is actionable by the GM team.

The GM team will review each case of alleged "griefing" and make a determination on its effect on a players experience. However, players should have the freedom to play however they choose to, so long as no cheating/exploiting is taking place. Please keep in mind that World PVP is a part of the game, and the GM team will not become involved in any PVP related disputes.

Certain world bosses have had their coding modified to prevent exploitation of their mechanics which allowed griefing in the past, however we have not modified the scripting or mechanics to a non-blizzlike experience.

E. Forum Use

Elysium can't allow all kinds of discussion on the forum. The forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss ideas, give game-play advice, role-play, and converse about any other aspect with other players.

Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow users with respect, courtesy and common decency. Therefore, please be civilized when participating. Elysium staff need to be able to read everything you post to ensure it abides by this agreement.


Posts not in English are subject to deletion.


Elysium staff reserves the right to delete, move or edit any post with or without warning nor explanation to the user. In extreme cases, Elysium staff may limit or block the forum access from a user.


II. Account Information

Elysium staff will never ask for your account details or share any confidential information. For the safety of your account, never share any of your account information, such as email addresses, account names, or passwords.


A. Account security

The account owner is responsible for the security of the account and that it's sufficiently protected. Note that Elysium staff does not recover hacked accounts. You should:

  • Never share your account information;
  • Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA);
  • Have a unique and complicated password that does not exceed 16 characters;
  • Connect yourself from a secure computer and network;
  • Never download unsafe files that might contain viruses/malware;
  • Never use the same credentials (username and password) on another server or service.


B. Account sharing/trading

You may not purchase, sell, gift, share, lend or trade any account or offer to purchase, sell, gift share, lend of trade any account. Any such attempt will result in immediate account closure.

The only exception to this is a guild bank. To be considered a Guild Bank no character on any server can be above level 15. If a guild chooses to create a shared bank it is at their own risk. No action to investigate, recover or punish anyone for removing any item from a shared guild bank will be taken by the Elysium Project. Sharing a guild bank is at your own risk.


C. Forgotten your password

Click this link to reset your password. Please note that Elysium does not recover lost accounts.


III. Character/Currency/Item restoration

Elysium staff can't guarantee the recovery of any lost or deleted characters. We have a limited ability to restore deleted characters and will do so if possible but it is by no means 100%. 

Game items such as experience, gold or equipment that you have lost through accident, very rare failure of the server, or otherwise, cannot be restored. There are two exceptions to this:

Unique quest items or keys can be restored with sufficient evidence that the player had previously obtained them.

Raid items with the rarity of Epic and above can be restored in the case of a server crash/roll-back, providing an in-game ticket is sent to us which fulfills the conditions below. This INCLUDES Legendary quality items.

a. Exact date of the raid;

b. Video of complete encounter which also shows the raid ID, loot and complete list of raid members;

c. Name of the player who received or should have received the item.


Restoration of any item is always at the discretion of Elysium staff. Falsified information will lead to immediate account closure.


IV. Misloots

Elysium staff does not handle requests for reassignment of loot from one player to another when the item was accidentally awarded to the wrong player. Players are advised to exercise caution when choosing to roll on items and when master-looting.

In cases where a misloot occurs due to a bug or system failure, Elysium staff may (at our sole discretion), resolve issues with proof (such as screenshots or video) that the item should have been awarded.


V. Cheating/Unlawful

Elysium staff may suspend or close any account if you violate, or assist others in violating, the sections set forth below. You agree that you will not, in whole or in part or under any circumstances, do the following:

  • Use, offer, advertise and/or distribute the following or assist there in:
  • Cheats; methods to influence and/or facilitate the game-play, including exploits of any existing in-game bugs, and thereby granting you and/or any other user an advantage.
  • Bots; including, but not limited to, any code, hardware and/or software that allows the automated control of the Game, or any feature or component thereof.
  • Hacks; accessing or altering the Game code, memory, packet data, software and/or any component or feature thereof, which changes and/or facilitates the game-play.
  • Electronic attacks; methods to block/delay connections, impede bandwidth, fragment packets and/or application or any such attempt to disrupt any Elysium server, network and/or service, or any feature or component thereof.


VI. Trading Virtual Goods/Services

Elysium does not condone the trade of virtual goods or services appearing or originating from the Game, or any other attributes associated with an account or any component thereof for real money, or exchange those items, currencies or services for value outside of the Game.


Elysium staff reserves the right to close any account involved in such transaction.


VII. Multiboxing

Multiboxing is not allowed and refers to playing multiple characters simultaneously. Whether this is done via 3rd party software, alt-tabbing between instances, or by running multiple machines, does not matter.

The only exception is that you may have up to two characters in the same major or goblin city temporarily, for trading, crafting, conjuring, portalling or using the Neutral Auction House to transfer items/gold to an alt.


VIII. Staff Assistance

We do understand that a player who's contacting the Elysium staff might be upset over an issue they experienced within the Game. However, the use of vulgar, abusive or disrespectful language towards staff members is unnecessary, inappropriate and unproductive.

Players who engage in this behaviour will be told to stop, if they continue, a sanction may be placed on the account. A staff member will never ask you to do anything that would compromise an account or its personal information.


Elysium staff will make every attempt to show you the respect you deserve. We ask that you show us the same respect. We take no joy in placing sanctions on an account, but must do so in accordance with this agreement.


A. In-game assistance

You can access the in-game ticket system by clicking on the red question mark located to the right in the interface bar. Keep in mind that if a staff member is unable to reach you in-game or if the issue does not require further information, the staff member will respond with an in-game mail.

Before using this feature:

  • If your issue is related to a quest, abandon it and reacquire it;
  • If you are experiencing any bugs, disable all add-ons and restart the game;
  • Clean out the game cache by deleting the "WDB" folder within the Game directory;
  • Speak with other players to see if they already faced the same problem and how they solved it.


Requests that will not be processed which are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Incomprehensible requests;
  • Requests for items and/or currency;
  • Ban requests for players and/or accounts;
  • Information and/or help for a quest;
  • Please use our public Bug Tracker for any bug reports so that the QA team can verify and reproduce the bug and forward it to the developers;
  • Requests not related to the server where the ticket was created.


B. Forum assistance

Please direct all help request related questions to the support section on the forum. If you believe a user has violated this agreement, please report the user by clicking on their forum name and then clicking ‘Report this member’.


C. Staff member interaction

Time spent processing issues that has already been answered keeps the Elysium staff from addressing other users' pressing issues. If a single player repeatedly creates abusive or multiple tickets and/or reports regarding the same closed issue, or otherwise misuse the respective system, they will be asked to stop, and if ignored, they will receive a sanction on their account.

Any attempt to bribe an Elysium staff member will result in an immediate sanction being placed on the account.


IX. Sanctions

Any sanctions or warnings previously set on an account are taken into consideration should the account be found in violation of the ToU. Throw-away accounts in violation of the rules are always permanently banned. Some sanctions can be applied without previous warning. This will depend on its seriousness.

e.g. A player spamming any public channel should receive a warning. If the spam is found to be excessive the Game Master can decide to bypass the warning and give the player a temporary mute.


A. Warning

For minor infringements, a warning is first given to inform a player about the rules and warn him about future sanctions. Warnings remain in the player's record.

  • Spam;
  • AFK in BGs;
  • Extensive killing of important quest NPCs;
  • Player harassment;
  • Racist or offensive sentiments;
  • Using color changing scripts in-game;
  • Abuse of assistance system (forum or in-game);
  • Safespotting;
  • Lack of respect towards the server or the staff members;
  • Casino's;
  • Multiboxing;
  • Any attempt to bribe a staff member;
  • Non-English language in public channels.


B. Mute or temporary account interruption

This sanction can last anywhere from 3 hours to 14 days, depending on severity, and is given for repeated violation of the rules, or for any of the following:

  • Scamming;
  • Lying to, or attempting to deceive Elysium staff;
  • Abuse of in-game bugs;
  • Organized killing for farming rank and/or honor;
  • Griefing on World Bosses.
  • Organized cross-faction collaboration.


C. Permanent ban

The most serious sanction. This sanction is applied in case of multiple violations of the rules, or after multiple account interruptions, as well as any of the following:

  • COD Scamming;
  • Hacking;
  • Using any means of botting (e.g. a program);
  • Any client modification (libraries, executables, MPQ, etc.);
  • Revealing the identity of an Elysium staff member;
  • Advertising for other private servers or gold selling websites;
  • Selling/Buying player names;
  • Exchanging accounts, gold, items, or any ingame services for another game's features;
  • Selling/Buying accounts, gold, items, or any ingame services with real money;
  • Possession of any item(s) or currencies obtained with illegal methods;
  • Publishing software, methods or articles on cheating which can be applied on the server;
  • Abuse of major in-game bugs;
  • Staff impersonation.


X. Stream Sniping & Meta-Gaming Harassment

Harassment is a serious offence on Elysium, and can lead to account closure if the behaviour is not corrected. Stream Sniping is a form of harassment, and will not be tolerated if it is found to be occurring. We realize that there is a fine line between PVP and when it becomes excessive to the point of harassment.

The GM team will determine whether a violation of the ToU has occured, and the players involved will receive a warning. If that warning is ignored, it will lead to further sanctions on your account.

Stream Sniping has always been a difficult policy to enforce without breaking the PVP element of the game. However, it is becoming more and more consistent, and is having a negative impact on the player experience for those choosing to be content creators.


Elysium reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to increase a sanction, suspend or terminate your use of the service at any time, for any reason or for no reason, with or without prior notice to you. 

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