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  1. URGENT - ALL PLAYERS We have seen more and more accounts getting compromised lately, but were unable to confirm the source. We now have strong evidence to believe that Light's Hope's account database has been compromised and each players account information STOLEN. This was recently confirmed by Sunwell (another private server) - and announced via their social media platforms. We STRONGLY urge you to change your in-game password immediately on Elysium - ESPECIALLY if you used any form of similar account information on Light's Hope. To change your password, please log in game and type the following command: [ .account password OLDPASS NEWPASS NEWPASS ] OLDPASS = Your current password / NEWPASS = Password you would like to change to. Please report to the GM team IMMEDIATELY if you suspect your account may have been compromised.(edited) Also - be aware that your account security on Elysium is always of the highest priority. We have full time System Administrators ensuring the protection of your player and account data. This breach was on another private server (Light's Hope), and in the off chance you use the same information here as on LH, its important for you to change your password on Elysium. Thank you!
  2. Personally, I like the idea of a premade v premade queue system. However Mario also brings up a great point that the administration of the server isn't the problem here - it's the players not choosing to dedicate and organize themselves. I'll bring it up with the team and we'll go from there.

    Greetings, Thanks for the post, albeit a bit ... over the top. The Game Master's response in this regard is standard, as we don't get involved in any loot rolling issues. However, your point about people able to roll on loot outside of what they're able to wear is a valid one. I've sent the issue off to the devs to look at. In game GM's can't do anything about these issues, but we CAN forward them off to the development team. Keep in mind this could take some time. We'll post in patch notes once fixed. Rain
  4. Guild copy?

    No decision made on this. Likely you'll need to recreate the guild - although I'm not certain.
  5. Happy GM's Day!

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to recognize Elysium's amazing GM team on the official GM's Day! (It's a real thing - look it up https://gmsday.com/) When Nighthaven launched, we started with a small group of people who were dedicated to making Elysium a fun, stable, and most importantly, fair place to play. Since the launch of Nighthaven just over 4 months ago, our GM's have put in a combined total of 43,120,619 seconds or 499 DAYS of in game /played time doing their best to catching bots, gold sellers/buyers, hackers, and handling in game item or chat disputes. This number is far more staggering than I expected, although I am hardly surprised. We have some truly great and dedicated GM's volunteering their time to make Elysium the best play to play Vanilla WoW. Happy GM's Day to the best GM team I've had the privilege of working with - I couldn't ask for a better family to spend time with each day (ya, you heard me Mom). Rain Elysium Lead GM
  6. Deleted characters

    Sorry - theres been a bit of a miscommunication. Yes, we can restore the character mentioned. It's been done - make sure you are not account sharing as that is against the rules and will result in permanent account closure.
  7. Thanks for the report. Quickest way to get this to us is to report it in game using the ? at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Welcome to Nighthaven's first Guild vs Guild tournament! Information Who: Any player that is level 60 can participate. Teams of 2 must be formed by registering on challonge.com. Note: This is a Guild vs Guild tournament. Players must be in the same guild to form a team together. Please click on this link to the create/enter your team: SIGN UP There will be a CAP of 50 teams participating! When: This tournament will be hosted EVERY Sunday @ 8:00pm SERVER TIME! Thats 2pm EST / 11am PST. Challengers and spectators please arrive at 7:45 as the gates will close and you will not be permitted entry after 8:00pm server time. First tournament will be Sunday, February 11th! We will host the tournament until all teams have battled and we have a champion. Where: Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale on Elysium's Nighthaven Realm. Please wait in the stands for direction from the GM team. Rules This tournament is single elimination. Teams will await instructions on the day by the GM team running the event. Teams will wait in the crowd for their team name to be called, and then they will enter the arena and await instructions. Anyone interfering with the tournament from the stands is open to a 24 account ban and removal from all future events. 1 health potion & 1 mana potion PER participant PER round is allowed to be used NO other potions are to be used Players may be buffed with their team comp's buffs only NO engineering or other items are to be used Equipped trinkets are allowed to be used You may use resurrection spells to revive your fallen team mate, if possible. Any teams or observers who are disrupting or not following direction will be disqualified and removed from the arena. If you choose to purposefully attack or interfere with a match, your account could be suspended for 24 hours. Prizes! 1st: 7,000 Honor points + 250g to each team member and entry to the finals! 2nd: 5,000 Honor points + 100g to each team member 3rd: 5,000 Honor points to each team member We will be hosting a CHAMPIONSHIP tournament once we have completed 4 qualifying tournaments. Stay tuned for more information!
  9. Right! GOING there is not against the ToU. Using those items to move around the map is not against the ToU. But using those items to get you to a spot where you then engage in PVP and use that position to not be harmed, is considered safespotting.
  10. Excessive corpse camping can be actionable by a GM. We had it in our ToU up until 2 weeks ago - however its been removed since. TheFlame didn't do anything wrong in this scenario. TheFlame is one of our most active GMs, so it's not surprising that they are involved in both of these circumstances.
  11. It needs to be a fair position for both parties. Sitting in a spot where the person you're attacking cant get to you through normal jumping/movement is considered safe spotting. You're creating a "safe spot" where you cant be harmed in pvp. Cities should be a place where PVP is possible, but extremely difficult due to the guards. That is the intention of cities. If there are spots in cities where people are standing with the intention to PVP, and keep out of los/pathing/game mechanics of guards, then yes - its safespotting.
  12. I never said that in any way. Using it to position yourself in a way that cant be achieved through normal jumping in order to PVP in outposts/cities is safespotting.
  13. Alright so, I've spoken with TheFlame, as well as checked our logs to verify TheFlame's story and yours. This scenario started when a player reported you for safespotting, which is against our ToU. Our process in determining safespotting is to find out if the player is able to get to that point through normal jumping/movement. TheFlame chose to move you off of the building in order to determine whether or not you were indeed in a place you shouldn't have been. TheFlame didn't intentionally move you next to the warrior, but moved you off of the building. We have many ways we can interact with the world and players to determine if someone is breaking the Terms of Use, and I have given TheFlame my feedback on the situation. I find it silly that your "go to" is that there is some form of favoritism happening, and that automatically the GM is purposefully affecting PVP. That's not what's happened here. For future reference, our ToU states: Technically speaking if you're jumping from a mountain and using a parachute to obtain an advantageous position in order to PVP, that is safespotting. If you have any questions, feel free to post them. If anything happens again in the future and you'd like it to be looked into, I'm always on Discord. Rain
  14. Hi there. Thanks for the post - I'll look into this tonight and get back to you ASAP on my findings. Also - Adaperry - I have no idea what you're talking about. Only 2 GMs on staff are able to restore loot, and thats myself and my Assistant Lead, Trommel. If you'd like to give me some information as to what you're talking about, I can look into it for you. Rain
  15. Banned, trying to figure out why

    No sir. We're currently tweaking our anticheat system and it's almost finalized. Unfortunately your case, and a few others, showed us a flaw in the system.