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  1. Rain

    no activation email

    Hi there - your account should be unlocked now. Rain
  2. Rain

    Please fix the server

    Hi there - our servers have been stable for several years. Its likely something to do with your connection or routing to the server. Try using a VPN connected to France like NordVPN and see if that helps. If it does, it's something to do with the routing from your ISP.
  3. Rain

    Activate the email

    Hi there - what is your email?
  4. Hi there - please message me on Discord so we can look into this for you. Rain#0005
  5. Rain

    Need admin help account deletion

    Hi there - you can send me your account name and confirmation that you'd like it deleted, from the email on file to [email protected]
  6. Rain

    Balance between factions

    Hi there. We're reviewing options. Let you know. Rain
  7. Hello Elysium! Wow, what a year it's been. When the pandemic started, our team felt a responsibility to help in the efforts to inform and educate on how to best protect yourselves and others from COVID-19. Although our team and community come from many different backgrounds, we aren't a health authority. However, we wanted to create a way for learn about the pandemic and PPE measures, while still enjoying the game they love. In April of this year we launched our custom event - Pandemic Strikes Azeroth! This event focused on COVID-19 information and protection methods from the World Health Organizations recommendations. We wanted to make sure the virus was "too real", but wanted to get data from two phases, to show our community what each one of us can do to stop the spread. Phase 1 - Virus infects the population without protective measures. Phase 2 - Azeroth governments come together as one and send help across the world. Each phase gave us amazing data, and really showed how much impact we can have on protecting ourselves, and those vulnerable, from the virus. Overall, the event was a great success. We were featured in over 30 online news articles and interviewed by several media outlets including Kotaku, RockPaperScissors, and LADBible. Now, we're in the middle of a second wave and multiple shut downs have occurred across the globe. Although this year has been a struggle for many people, and many of you have lost loved ones, you're not alone - and we will get through this. Everything is temporary. Finally, I wanted to give a big thanks to all of our players. Without you all, we wouldn't be here offering these unique experiences. Elysium has maintained its population for about 2 years now, without any decline. That's great considering the launch of Classic and other great games! I have a few stats for you: In 2020 Accounts created: 54,434 Characters created: 176,276 Hoggers killed: 28,223 Ragnaros killed: 8,221 Legendary Items Created: 18 Top Progression Alliance Guild: <Grimoire> Top Progression Horde Guild: <One Last Hurrah> Highest Guildmember Count: <Ice Cream Social> - 2,827 members I'll add more to the list before the end of the year! Again, thank you everyone for playing here on Nighthaven! We've got some great things planned for 2021! Stay healthy and stay safe this holiday season, Rain
  8. Rain

    Patch Error MPQ

    Sounds like a client issue. Make sure you have the correct realmlist (logon.elysium-project.org) and try to redownload your client.
  9. Thanks for the caps feedback sir/ma'am.
  10. Hi there. Can you message me this on Discord so we can look into it? Rain
  11. Aka'Magosh! Greetings! We are pleased to announce Elysium will be hosting a 3vs3 Arena Tournament! The tournament will be held on June 28th. Any one that is interested in signing up for this tournament will need to assign a team captain, and that player will need to register at the following link: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/7SW0CfrpQT#/signup/vuyvnwd2oe Tournament Rules: (Please note, rules are subject to change at this time, so please be sure to review them within the next few days) ✓ Engineering items are forbidden ✓ Unlimited use all potions/elixirs EXCEPT Free Action Potion & Living Action Potion. These are forbidden. ✓ World buffs are forbidden ✓ Only buffs from classes participating on each team (ex. no stamina buff if no Priest is present on your team) We have also introduced a new item into event to balance some of the problems with Arenas in Vanilla - the Arena PVP Trinket This item will have a 1 minute cooldown and help to combat CC issues. This item will be removed at the end of the event. 1st Place: > 30k Honor > 200eu Shop Mount (Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph) > 500 Shop coins 2nd Place: > 20k Honor > 300 Shop Coins > 100eu Shop Mount (Reins of the Snowy Hippoygryph) 3rd Place: > 15k Honor > 200 Shop Coins Participation Award: > Custom One-Of-A-Kind Arena Pet > 5k Honor The tournament will be starting at 18:00 (6:00 P.M.) Server Time. This is to avoid clashing with raid times as much as possible. We are open to suggestions and/or rule changes, so please feel free to message staff or post in #❓support with any ideas you may have, or if you have any other questions related to the Tournament Stay tuned for more information!
  12. :) I know it feels like that, but I just checked the core and every character is created equally with no form of "luck". Maybe you're thinking too small. Maybe the universe is born with a luck stat, and some people are just luckier than others!
  13. Hi there - try disabling all addons and clearing your wdb folder.
  14. Rain

    I can not use ''whisper''

    Hi there - sounds like you were caught by our anti-spam. I'll try and find your ticket and fix it for you, otherwise please send me your account name.
  15. Rain

    how will return my money

    You should get a code that you use on our site to redeem the coins. We do not issue refunds. Please stop spamming our forums.