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  1. Greetings! We are saddened to hear of TBC server Felmyst closing down at the end of July. Felmyst and their staff brought a quality TBC experience to a great and dedicated community. It's unfortunate to hear the latest news. This leaves a big space to fill in the WoW community, as there are no other high quality, Blizzlike, x1 experience TBC realms to carry the TBC torch. That being said, we announced our TBC Closed Beta (Blizzlike / 1x exp) last week with a hopeful full launch at the end of 2018/early 2019. Currently there over 7 of Nighthaven's most progressed guilds testing TBC content for us. Our TBC realm will be the first realm to allow players on a Vanilla server, to progress through the Dark Portal, and into Outland. This Progression Through Expansion program is the first of it's kind in the WoW Private Server community. We also intend on keeping all realms live after Classic is released, and have been online for almost 2 years. We'd like to extend an invitation to the Felmyst community to give Nighthaven (Vanilla) a try after July 31st, and help us in the continued testing of the current TBC realm. Your knowledge of the TBC expansion and commitment to Felmyst are invaluable in helping us create the perfect, Blizzlike TBC experience. Also, to the Administration of Felmyst: We would like to extend an offer to maintain your realm, it's playerbase, and your staff members. We believe there is a mutual benefit for both the community, Elysium, and the current staff who have dedicated countless volunteer hours to maintain your project. We are willing to assume the costs to run the realm, and adhere to many (if not all) of the policies of the Felmyst project. We would love if one of your leads/administrators joined us in maintaining the integrity of the great project you've created. Please reach out to me on Discord - Rain#7702 - if this is a route you'd like to take, in order keep your project running. Sincerely, Elysium-Project.org
  2. Unable to ride Shadow Charger

    I've fixed it. Closing thread.
  3. Check your spam folder? Verification emails are going out fine.
  4. server down?

    Please use Discord for the most up to date downtime information: https://discord.gg/gyXuQpQ
  5. Submit a bug report on our github with sufficient evidence and we can look into it. If you're just guessing, it's likely not accurate.
  6. Server gone down again

    Quickest place to find out about any server downtime is on our discord: https://discord.gg/gyXuQpQ
  7. We wont go into detail on how we deal with gold spammers - but the answer is not banning them. They are unable to send mail or chat once they've been reported and a GM has investigated - or if our antispam has caught them.
  8. powerleveling bannable?

    Its fine as long as you arent dropping group to exploit the EXP system. Him running you through normally is fine.
  9. I've beed banned for no reason...

    There is a ban appeal section for you to post your account information and find out the reasons for your bans.
  10. Gold gone?

    Absolutely we can. Detecting and removing these spammers isn't the problem. At the very end of the day, the problem is that we offer free accounts. We ban one account, meanwhile they've already made 10 more in those 10 minutes of the first one levelling to level 10 in order to spam. It's a cycle - and we have spamfilters in place and other systems to detect and remove, but they aren't perfect. They also adapt to a lot of what we do, and it requires man hours from volunteer devs to keep on top of it.
  11. Gold gone?

    Gold selling bots spam /who constantly in zones they're in and add the names to a list to be messaged or mailed. It's not unheard of. What character are you talking about? Also if your suspicion had ANY validity to it, your characters created that have never logged into the game would have mail once you login - which I'm assuming isn't true.
  12. Gold gone?

    The realm doesn't run on your ungrateful attitude. Unfortunately it takes actual money to pay for the servers that support your time playing this game for free.
  13. Gold gone?

    Greetings, Before I ban the obviously ungrateful people in this thread who don't appreciate the work we put in to keep these realms alive, I will explain what happened to your gold. On March 17th at 4:45am server time your account was logged into from China for 16 seconds. On March 17th at 4:46am server time your account was again logged into (different character) for 4 minutes and 9 seconds from a location in China. So clearly, someone had access to your account. Which means you've used the same login information at Lights Hope or other private servers and your account has been compromised by a gold seller. At 4:46am server time your bank character traded 55g to a since banned gold seller character, which confirms the above. Account security is up to each account owner to protect. If you share your account information anywhere else, including gold buying websites or phishing sites or other private servers, things like this will happen. It is our policy to not reimburse for hacked accounts for multiple reasons, the foremost being the time it takes and permissions required to review highly sensitive logs such as this. As mentioned above, clearly it was compromised - so your assertions aren't accurate. As for you being disappointed in the GM team, I do apologize for the time its taken to get back to you about your 55g. However, we are volunteers. We are not paid, nor do we treat this as a full time job. We offer no guarantees on ticket times or issue response times. Logs can only be checked by the highest levels of Elysium staff due to the privacy controls that we ensure our playerbase. If you have any other questions, feel free to respond here or message me on Discord. Rain
  14. Population

    Simply because you aren't online during our peak, doesn't mean the server doesn't reach a peak. Check the website provided that has population statistics.
  15. Account banned appeal

    You've been unbanned.