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  1. Rain

    Ban appeal. Dont know why I am banned.

    Your email is not verified so the account isn't open until you do. Have some patience my friend. It's a great quality to have in life.
  2. Rain

    Paypal issue.

    Hi there! Please message Shenna on our public discord and she can look into it for you!
  3. Please be sure to review this flowchart before requesting an item restoral from the GM team!
  4. Rain

    Population concerns

    This ^ - Population in summer always declines temporarily.
  5. All great answers! Keep em coming. As mentioned, this system is not implemented and we want community feedback before any consideration to make it live on the realm.
  6. I think this is a great idea! We'll get something posted up for you guys asap.
  7. Rain

    Running two computers allowed?

    What he said!
  8. This is currently being discussed in the thread above this one :) We'll let you know the conclusion once we review our options!
  9. Please don't use my name as some form of backing up of an empty threat. If you have a legitimate concern with a player, or a reason that you think the staff needs to step in - then let us know. Name dropping isn't cool. As a side note: We'd never ban for whatever it says you'd be banned for. Knowing any GM on the team doesn't mean anything, as we're all impartial in our actions. Rain
  10. Once NH hits 1.8 - I'm sure thats something we can do.
  11. March 2016 will be there - yes! :)
  12. Gold cap would be just enough to allow players to return and get on their feet. So we still have to discuss exact numbers, but gold and materials that could negative impact the NH economy would have to be carefully considered. Elysium PVP was the only realm at Nighthavens current patch. The others were later. We dont want to introduce later patched characters into Nighthaven. Yes they will still be transferrable (as are all of Nighthavens chars) to TBC when it launches.
  13. Hi all, First off, we'd like to thank the over 50 TBC testers for dedicating so much time to the testing and reporting of our TBC Closed Beta! You all have been phenomenal, and TBC would not be able to launch without your dedication. We have some interesting news regarding TBC, and we'd like to get the communities input on Character Restorations. The Burning Crusade Closed Beta: Almost 2 weeks ago now, we launched our TBC beta realm and invited the top guilds on Nighthaven to help us test. We received a great amount of bug reports and feedback — and have since made some major changes. TBC Beta v2 is now LIVE and is working phenomenally! If you were a level 70 on the original TBC Beta (previous revision), please message Rain on Discord to get your levels restored. Thank you again to everyone who has been involved thus far! We look forward to a great TBC launch at the end of 2018/ start of 2019 (Plenty of time planned for NH Naxx progression!) October 2017 Character Restorations: This is where we'd like your feedback. We are considering merging all previous Elysium PVP (October 2017 and before) character data into Nighthaven with strict stipulations. These stipulations would be: NO characters from realms that are not at the current patch (1.7) will be able to be transferred. Limits on the number of gold, materials and other items that could adversely affect Nighthaven economy. Nighthaven characters would retain all names and merged characters would be forced to rename. We were originally planning on only restoring these characters for the TBC launch at the end of the year, however, with the demand - we're seriously consideringmerging them into Nighthaven ASAP. Every day we see new players finding their way to Elysium — and every day we get more and more requests for pre-October character restorations. We would love to bring back some of those players. Please tell us what you think — and if you have any suggestions! Thanks again Elysium! Sincerely, Rain Lead GM
  14. Rain

    Can't speak in General chat

    People under level 10 who are able to speak is account based, yes!