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  1. Hi there - try disabling all addons and clearing your wdb folder.
  2. Rain

    I can not use ''whisper''

    Hi there - sounds like you were caught by our anti-spam. I'll try and find your ticket and fix it for you, otherwise please send me your account name.
  3. Rain

    how will return my money

    You should get a code that you use on our site to redeem the coins. We do not issue refunds. Please stop spamming our forums.
  4. Rain

    Two same name characters?

    Hi there - should be fixed now. If not, after the weekly restart tomorrow. Sorry about that!
  5. Rain

    Denouncing Phoran

    Hey there Mexikhan - you can submit screenshots of any hate speech in world and we will review it. Just send it off to me on Discord Rain#7702.
  6. Rain

    Wts or WTT

    Please use our auction house on the website. You cannot sell characters for money or trade them.
  7. Rain

    Deleting account

    You can message me, or any of the administrators in the members page. Please PM me your request including all details of your in-game account (Account name, email address registered, and highest level character name). Thanks! Rain
  8. Hello everyone! We have made some adjustments to our security features here at Elysium. Permanent Ban Notifications We have enabled a server wide message, detailing basic information to our player base on certain, severe, ban offenses. We hope this will show players the hard work out GM team does each day to keep the playing field fair. Account Warnings We have added a bit more details when issuing a player a warning. Players will now receive information from our Terms of Use on the offense. Example: Player is warned for Multiboxing. They will receive the following message: You have been warned for: Multiboxing. Each player can only be logged on 1 character at a time, not multiple. Please log off the extra character(s) immediately. A warning has been placed on your account, and further violations may result in suspension. Another example: Player is warned for AFK in BGs. They will receive the following message: You have been warned for: AFK system avoidance in battlegrounds. Participating in battlegrounds is mandatory if you have queued for one. Using AFK avoidance measures is against the rules. A warning has been placed on your account, and further violations may result in suspension. We hope this will help players to understand the TOU a bit better when they are warned. Multibox Toolbox Additions Without going into detail, we have created some new tools in detecting Multiboxing players. As a reminder, Multiboxing is when you are playing on more than 1 account at a time. This is in violation of our Terms of Use, unless your two characters are in the same major city, and are interacting for profession or trade reasons. Upcoming Fixes Here are a few priorities we are currently working on for the next update: AFK Players Inside Raid/Group Instances Not Being Removed Properly Group Battleground Queue Errors Light's Hope Transfers Re-Enabled
  9. Rain

    Gold not returned after canceling my offer.

    Can you message me on Discord with the issue and I can look into it. Rain#7702
  10. Rain

    Can't Login

    TBC realm is currently offline. Vanilla realm is online.
  11. Rain

    Gold not returned after canceling my offer.

    It takes a bit of time, and you logging out, for the coins to be returned.
  12. Thank you everyone for participating in our Pandemic event. It took a lot of dedicated (and rushed) work by our team, but we are very pleased with the results. A big thank you to Ragnarok, one of our main developers, for coding a great event. Could not have been done without you. Below is the results of how many people were infected, and who our top 10 health responders were. The full list is not currently available, as the snapshot for results was taken at the end of the event, however the logs continued to run for a day or so after. Thanks again everyone who participated! Rain
  13. Rain

    Deleted character help restore!

    Hi there. LH transfers are currently disabled. Your character on Elysium is level 3!
  14. Rain


    I appreciate your concern, but there is more to this event than what you're seeing. There is no joke intended - in fact it's a serious situation, and you will see that shortly. Calm yourself, and be patient. Nothing will be removed.