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Step by step for Horde owl hunting

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I recently infiltrated Teldrassil on my Troll Hunter at level 10 and got my very own owl. For those looking to do the same, here is how:

- Make sure you do The Hunter's Path and receive Dismiss Pet and Revive Pet. While you are in your main city, deposit ALL your armor and weapons in your bank. You'll die a lot. 

- Get to the Crossroads in The Barrens. It's west of the orc and troll starting area, east of the Tauren starting area, and Undead takes zeppelin from Undercity to south of Orgrimmar, and then run west. Get the flightmaster here. 

- Turn on track beasts and head north to Ashenvale while avoiding the aggressive mobs. The moment you get to Ashendale, find the closest mob and die to it. You'll wake up to the north-east. Revive at the healer, and head south-west towards Satyrnaar. Go into the camp and get the Flightmaster. Keep heading west along the road.

If at any point you die, do not revive at the healer. Run safely to your corpse and resume your journey the furthest possible away from the hostile mobs or players you died to. 

- When you get to Astranaar, run north towards the water, and while avoiding the sentries and few mobs on the other shore, swim past the outpost and get back to the road on the other side. 

- Run west and the north, staying on the path unless there are mobs on it. Run north until a dotted path appears on your left (west). Follow it west. There is normally one aggressive mob on the path here, so just hug the right until you get past it. 

- Right next to you on your left is a cliff next to a beach. Climb it to avoid the nagas on the beach and head south. Your next destination is a village straight south of the beach. Get the flightmaster there, the final one on this journey, and head back the same way you came, avoiding the nagas.

- Once you get past the beach, go north along the dotted path and arrive in Darkshore. 

- This is possibly the hardest trek of your journey. Go north-east. It's fine if you die, because the graveyard is to the east, a far easier path. Follow the road north all the way to Auberdine.

- Right before you come to Auberdine, head straight towards the ocean. Avoid the sentry on the coast at all cost, he will two-shot you.

- In the ocean, cirle around to the northern dock. Careful of the Loch Ness wannabees near the docks. Once you're underneath the northernmost pier, either aggro a Nessie, or drown yourself, so that your body ends up as close as possible to where the ship will dock. 

- You'll wake up as a ghost way down south. DO NOT TALK TO THE HEALER. Put on some music and run safely back to Auberdine. This time, enter the inn, go up the stairway, and straight onto the docks. Go to the northern pier and wait for the boat. Try to rescurrect in the back of the boat. If you get killed, rescurrect immediately to avoid waking back up south when the boat leaves. 

- You will have arrived in the southernmost part of Teldrassil. Congratulations! Now jump off the boat furthest away possible from the pier. Swim around to the west and hug the mountain slope until you drop down behind the bigger house. Hug the wall until you're spotted by a sentry close to the portal. Die to it. 

- Surprise, surprise! The damn elves refuse to bury "Horde scum" such as yourself, and you're back in Darkshore. You know the drill by now. Be a ghost and run back to the ship. Run to your corpse and try to rescurrect as close to the portal as possible. If you fail, try again, closer and closer. Once you enter the portal, you're dead again. However, this time, you wake up in the middle of Teldrassil! 

- Now, speak to the healer and run south before the closest sentry spots you. If you die now, you'll have to make the entire trip over again from Darkshore.

You'll find some owls here, just west of where you woke up. Tame one. Then feed it meat and hearth back to Horde lands. Retrieve your armor and weapons from the bank. You are now a proud Horde owl owner. Congratulations! 


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