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Lost characters when merging Elysium and Nighthaven

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Dear admins

Going back to World of Warcraft is something I have done repeatedly especially to the one and only private server Elysium.

Now that Christmas times are closing in it is definitely time to spend long hours in front of the screen avoiding your family. 

However, there are especially two beloved characters I spent time shaping and moulding to perfection. That is a lvl 51-52 orc warrior equipped with the finest piece of equipment from Scarlet Monastery; we all know the suffering grind of attaining Raging Zerker Helm, Herods Shoulders and Ravager. Because of the pain associated with this grind especially I find it hard not being able to access that character and the character sometimes visits me in my dreams. Help on this issue is highly appreciated.

Another character which I grew fond of was my hunter Venomstrike (shooting my self in the leg here by not knowing the name of the warrior and instead remembering a lvl 21 orc hunter). The character was kind of meh but it was my go to character when the warrior was stubborn and showed no signs of progress. In that way the two characters can be seen as the same and they both have great personalities.

Dear admins, I am asking for two helping hands; one for each character. I am assuming they are the characters indicated by Extra Characters #2 list but not accessible on the Extra Characters #1 list which I am using today.

Thank you in advance for the painful read and thoughts you may put into this retrieval appeal.

And merry x-mas to you.

Regards, Nikkosjokk (meaning nicotine shock in Norwegian)



Was digging through some records as I have now entered investigation mode into the matter. The name of the orc warrior Raidleader.

Hope this helps

Edited by Nikkosjokk

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Sounds like these characters are on the Anathema server. Anathema is offline until that character DB is merged with Nighthaven some time after the first of the year.


Check #announcements in Discord for more information on exact date of merger as the date approaches.

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