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    Patch 1.10 Patch Notes

    World of Warcraft Patch 1.10 New High-Level Armor Sets Adventurers of Azeroth can now quest to upgrade their previous Rare-quality Dungeon set to a new, higher-quality set, including epic gear! These tasks include all-new boss encounters, so prepare your finest group of dungeon-delvers and prepare for a challenge! Weather! Weather has been introduced in the following areas around Azeroth: Elwynn Forest Tirisfal Glades Dun Morogh Darkshore Alterac Mountains Stranglethorn Vale Feralas Un'Goro Crater Tanaris Winterspring Ahn'Qiraj We will be adding more weather to the world as time progresses; this is simply the beginning! High-Level Instance Changes Along with the new Armor Sets, the high-level 5-10 man dungeons have received some changes regarding loot. Many items have been improved in quality and use. In addition, several epic items, such as Headmaster's Charge and the Runeblade of Baron Rivendare, have had their drop rates significantly increased. In order to preserve the challenge of these dungeons, they have had their instance caps lowered. Stratholme, Scholomance, and Blackrock Depths now allow a maximum of five players inside, and Blackrock Spire allows a maximum of ten.
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    Please use the link posted above and post this info in the Ban Appeal Forum. Thanks!
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    Account is colosed

    If your character was on Project Elysium then let's escalate your issue to a GM. Please post in the Ban Appeals forum, don't let the name scare you, this is just the only place GM's look on the forums to be able to help you out. Read the link and follow the directions exactly as if you were appealing a game ban; https://forum.elysium-project.org/forum/617-read-first-before-appealing/ Thanks! Elysium Staff
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    I can't log into my account

    The forum account isn't necessarily the same as your game account. You can reset your password @ https://cp.elysium-project.org/forgot
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    Can't log on my account

    What message do you receive when you are trying to log in? Have you successfully logged in to the account before using this log in info? Did you use different account information when creating your game account than you did for your forums account? These are not necessarily the same log in info.
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    Battle shout issue

    Check to see if there is already an open ticket on it using the bug tracker, otherwise open up a new issue providing as much information as you can. Bug Tracker Thanks for helping us find and fix these!
  7. Purple Witch

    Ehlissa's Story - Wow Fan fiction

    XV The Lumbercamp The farther south they traveled the less and less the fel held sway over the wood, and the dreary ochres, browns, and yellows gave way to verdant green as the lush canopy of the Ashenvale forest dominated the space above the two elves. While Oma tried to distract Ehlissa with conversation she knew her efforts were futile. Ehlissa was coming home for the first time since she found her. A child alone and afraid, half dead but dreaming of a face and a name she could never forget. As they continued on, Ordanus, watched from high atop Raynewood Retreat. Keeper Remulos had sent word days earlier that the two would be passing and the son of Cenarius kept his eyes to the east and north watching, waiting. At the first sign of trouble he would send his Cenarion Protectors, the Laughing Sisters, and their blink dragon companions careening down the hillside to counter any menace demon or orcish. But today there was no need for such things. Today the road south bore only 2 travelers; the last of the Purple Witches and a crestfallen druidess. Ordanus signaled for his Protectors to stand down as the two elves reached the fork in the road. Without so much as a thought Ehlissa nudged her nightsabre west at the fork. Years had passed since she left her home forest but she knew exactly where she was and where she was going. But as the great cat began its slow march west down the path, a sound reached Ehlissa's ears from the east. "Oma..." she whispered "I hear the sounds of battle! To the east do you hear it?" Oma listened and after a moment put her hand on Ehlissa's arm "No child, it's no battle. At least as you'd imagine it to be. Though in another sense it might well be." "What do you mean Oma? I'm sorry but I'm really in no spirits for riddles." Oma tried to smile but only a sigh came from her. "It's probably best that you see for yourself my dear. But we must be cautious and careful lest..." The sounds of chopping and grinding, hammering and banging became louder and Ehlissa, her nerves already on edge and short, burst off down the path to the east. "Ehlissa wait now child!" Oma shouted. But it was too late. Ehlissa and her nightsabre were already at full gallop. Startled Silverwing Sentinels knocked arrows as she rushed by followed closely by Oma. Over the bridge of the Farfallen River's west fork they ran. Ehlissa had nearly reached the east fork by the time Oma had caught up to her, and no sooner the better. The Warsong Outrider saw Ehlissa moments before she saw him. From his worg mount the orc nocked his arrow and took aim. With one eye closed, the orc focused on Ehlissa with the other from the tail end of his arrow's shaft. "Skewered night elf for supper tonight." the orc said to himself with a smile as he took one final breath to steady his aim. But then the world disappeared in a flash of white light. The starfire came crashing down upon the orc and his mount like a boulder. Stunned, the orc screamed out in pain as the light scorched his skin and burned into his bones. As the light faded he could see nothing but a blur, and then another flash of white, followed by another, and another. Within a matter of seconds the orc lay dead on the path. Ehlissa slid to a halt a dozen yards or so from it. She turned to look behind her. Oma stood in the middle of the path, arms raised above her head, the index finger of her right hand pointing straight to the skies. The witch was ready to call down the moonfire again in an instant should anything beyond Ehlissa move. Ehlissa watched as Oma's aura slowly transitioned from a deep vermillion back to a barely noticeable purple haze about her. "Reckless, impetuous, headstrong faerie!" Oma scolded "You'll be the death of me by orc arrow or nervous breakdown if you don't learn to control yourself! And you won't be far behind!" "I'm sorry Oma. I just sensed, felt trouble. The banging and the clanging, it reminded me of those orcs and the fighting that night... my sister Ahnissa... my parents..." Ehlissa's voice trailed off "I know my lovely. But rash decisions and incautious, imprudent action is not the way of the wood. Look around you. None of these trees grew over night. They stretch up and out to Elune over time. And they ward off dangers and threats in their own way without foolhardy carelessness. Take heed to their example child." "Yes Oma." Ehlissa vowed. "Now we must leave the path and travel across the hills. What your ears hear and your eyes seek lay just beyond but there are more orcs and other hazards we must avoid." And into the bush the two elves disappeared. The sounds grew closer and louder. sawing sounds, grinding sounds, banging sounds, until finally Oma put her hand up motioning Ehlissa to dismount and come close. Oma parted the bushes for Ehlissa to see Ehlissa quickly fell backwards and cried "Orcs! And Oma they're cutting down all the trees! We have to stop them!" Ehlissa composed herself and began to push her way through the bush into the clearing. her arms already raising towards the night sky. Oma whispered a quick cantrip and Ehlissa was engulfed in vines and plant roots. "Lovely what did I just tell you back at the road about impulsive actions? You are one druid against a small army of orcs. Would you take them on all by yourself?" "If I must then I shall. Someone has to do something, anything!" Ehlissa shot back "Now is not the time child, or the place." "And what Oma, leave more of these trees to ward off orc blades and hammers in their own ways?" Oma was caught off guard, her own words used against her "She's right..." Oma thought "Young and stubborn as can be, but not wrong." "You are right my dear. It takes a druid to get things done. But you are not ready yet. Now please, trust Oma. The time will come when the woods need you, and you will be ready to answer. The Arch-Druid awaits." Ehlissa stood for a moment, seething as she stared at the lumber camp before finally answering "Fine!" Ehlissa shot back angrily holding back tears. "I will go see Arch Druid Staghelm. But Oma I can no longer sit by idly in the Moonglade while the Felwood lay at death's door and these animals here erase my forest. This is indeed an example I will heed Oma." "Lovely... I don't expect you would." to be continued..."
  8. Purple Witch

    Ehlissa's Story - Wow Fan fiction

    XIV The Game "You were one of the first of my Death Knights. It was even you who suggested I burn my own ships at Daggercap Bay... leaving my men with no choice but to stay in Northrend and continue my search for Frostmourne. A clever ploy indeed. Always the most clever and cunning. I will never understand why you discarded your saronite armors, your position with me, and chose your hunt over all I have to offer you." "Lord Arthas we have... always been different. Your glory has.... always lay in.... power. Vengeance drove your... hunger for it... but I only... see glory... in the thrill of the... hunt. Where you... are empowered by the kill... for me it is the thrill of the chase..." Kor'ach continued "You exult as... the King is toppled... on the chess board... but I take more delight... in the game itself... rather than the check-mate." The Lich King Arthas smirked at Kor'ach's reply "But you will never be the King if you do not TAKE the King old friend." Arthas said arrogantly "Indeed..." Korach replied "But to be... the King is to live... in solitude behind rows... of pawns. And I prefer to... roam free...to hunt again... and again." Arthas sat back on his throne, his right hand having a commanding grip on Frostmourne "Clever as always Kor'ach. Now go. Continue your hunt and bring me more recruits for my armies. The time draws near that this King step out from behind his pawns once more!" Kor'ach turned to leave but the Lich King spoke once more "Kor'ach tell me one more thing... the elf maiden you have with you. The young Kaldorei?" "What of her... Arthas?" "Exactly that! What of her... a curious thing that you would keep a living, breathing Kaldorei with you. Why? Why is she not yet turned? " The Lich King leaned forward as he asked in sincere anticipation of an answer, his curiosity piqued "I have my own ideas... plans for that one... A pawn in a future hunt... a chess game set... in motion long ago... But when I am done... I'm certain she will... become one of your... more powerful death knights." to be continued...
  9. Purple Witch

    Ehlissa's Story - Wow Fan fiction

    XIII The Felwood While the trip through Timbermaw Hold was itself short, the constant glares and ever watchful gazes from each passing furbolg left Ehlissa shaken, making the trip seem like it would never end. As his piercing, ever watchful gaze followed her Gorn One-Eye seemed to peer into her very soul. There was a marked sadness behind the stare of each furbolg they encountered. The lone exception ; Nafien. He alone, while apprehensive, seemed friendly enough to her and Oma as they exited the cave mouth. Ehlissa was glad for that as they left the cave and entered the forest. But even that slight feeling of relief was short lived. Perched on the road looking down upon the breadth of the Felwood Ehlissa's heart sank. An audible gasp left her lips. "Oma... it's dead..." was all Ehlissa could muster "Nothing lives here anymore my lovely." Ehlissa's eyes scanned high and low, far and wide as if searching for even the slightest bit of evidence to refute her. In the distance, a lone bear rambled about aimlessly. She started to say something but her words became a knot in her throat as the bear came closer. It's tattered, ravaged body seemed twisted in a cruel imitation of life. "Even if it is not yet dead, in the Felwood nothing lives." Oma finished Oma pressed her nightsabre onward. Ehlissa followed quickly behind. As she rode close, Ehlissa could not keep her eyes from roving. Every tree, every bush, every blade of grass yellow and brown, withered in decay. Every tree gnarled and twisted as if frozen in the throes of some macabre death dance. Every scene assaulted her eyes and senses. "So many of these trees were my oldest friends." Oma said quietly "But Oma, how did... how did this all... what happened here?" Ehlissa puzzled awkwardly And at that moment Ehlissa caught her first sight of the green, bubbling pools in the distance. "The Fel... the Fel happened." Oma replied grimly A slight turn in the road revealed the gentle slope downward off to the left. The Irontree Woods lay before them pockmarked with craters. Each overflowing with seething, boiling green pools of fel. "Oma what is it, the Fel? Why is it... how is it here?" "Ashenvale was the most direct path to Hyjal my dear. So this is the path the Legion took as they marched towards the World Tree Nordrassil, and everywhere that the demons stepped the forest suffered. The demon Archimonde wanted to break the morale of the elves defending Hyjal. So he ordered his demons to destroy the forest thinking it would weaken our resolve and make his advance on Nordrassil that much easier." Ehlissa listened intently while taking the entirety of her surroundings in. The sheer magnitude of it all was overwhelming, impossible for her to wrap her head around. That every single living thing from the tiniest blade of grass to the mightiest of the wood could be frozen in time, completely lifeless. "While his armies continued moving north he set an artifact of immense evil and power in the middle of the Irontree Woods - the insidious Skull of Gul'dan. Made from the very skull of the orcish warlock - Archimonde was able to leave it behind in his wake to continue poisoning the forest of Ashenvale... Ehlissa shrieked in fear and pulled back on the reigns of her nightsabre. There in a clearing, three ancient guardians stood in a circle forever frozen in their death stances. "The three oldest, wisest, and most powerful guardians of Ashenvale my Lovely. The ancient guardians sensed the Skull, where it was, and what it was doing to the wood. They sought it out to destroy it. Mile after mile and for days they travelled to reach it, only to succumb to the vile Fel it emanated mere feet from where it lay." Tears rolled down Ehlissa's cheeks in slow cadence one after another. "Nothing could withstand the might of the Legion and their fel magics. Not even the mightiest the woods had to offer. It seemed the whole of Ashenvale, Hyjal, and indeed Azeroth itself were bound for destruction were it not for..." Oma's voice trailed off into a whisper "... for Illidan..." Oma continued "Illidan Stormrage?" Ehlissa queried "Hush child!" Oma snapped, her purple glow turning a shade of vermillion "Do not mention that name aloud in this wood, nor even dare think it if you know what's good and right. But yes it was he who destroyed the Skull ending the Fel plague's spread. But he ultimately consumed its power and the evil it contained - that shard of Gul'Dans soul that was inside it. It consumed what little remained of his elven soul. There on that very spot he became more demon than anything." Oma stopped as several warpwood elementals began shambling towards them. "We should move on Lovely. There are trees and other denizens that still roam the woods in pain and anguish over what they have become. And many have been twisted by their anguish in to believing we elves abandoned them and the wood to their fate." "Oma?" "Yes Lovely?" "Is that why the Timbermaw furbolgs distrust us so?" "To an extent my dear yes. The Cenarion Circle and the Emerald Enclave work tirelessly to heal the Felwood today. But the wounds of the Burning Legion run deep both in the wood and in the hearts of those fortunate enough - if you can call it fortunate - to have survived the Legions 'Crusade'. There aren't many Timbermaw left. Only two clans remain untouched and untainted by the Fel. It can't be helped that they are untrusting of anyone." Tears still rolled down Ehlissa's face as they urged their nightsabres on. Oma knew this was an immense burden upon her. But she also knew Ehlissa had to see this, experience this. "Poor child" Oma thought to herself "I only hope I am making the right choice in bringing her here and not just creating another Fandrel Staghelm out of her in the process..." to be continued...
  10. Purple Witch

    Ehlissa's Story - Wow Fan fiction

    XII The Summons "Wake up my lovely." "Hrmm... what?" Ehlissa stirred from her dream-state "Wake up it is time to go." Oma replied excitedly "Oma why? Where? It's still so early!" "Darnassus! You have been summoned by none other than the direct assistant to the Arch-druid himself! Never before has a Purple Witch been summoned by him. The Cenarion Circle in Darnassus have long frowned upon our coven for having avoided the Sleep." "Oma... I have heard you and Keeper Remulos speak of the Arch-druid in Darnassus, bits and peices, and I know you are not fond of him but I do not know why." Oma smiled a worried smile "Fandral Staghelm would see our people restored to their former place, immortal and alive in the good graces of Cenarius' cradle were it his will alone to decide. Atop Teldrassil, he would steward over the lands while Nordrassil rejuvenated itself atop beloved Hyjal. He is a proud man and in his heart he would do what is right from his heart. The Kaldorei would be strong and united once more in guardianship of the wood. Let that not be misunderstood." "That sounds so wonderful. I should very much like that Oma." Chimed Ehlissa "But to what end my lovely, to what end? How many innocents, elven, orcish alike, would it take to fetch a fair price for such a thing? To force any outcome at the expense of so many is not the natural way of things, Cenarius himself taught us as much in these very lands we love and live in. And Nordrassil is no more, the demon Archimonde has severed us from our immortality with his killing of the World Tree." "And Cenarius is now gone from us! Orcish blades the cause!" Ehlissa shot back quickly "But his teachings still live with us, guide us... but for the moment we mustn't talk about this. Go get ready my lovely. Mathrengyl Bearwalker awaits and he is not a patient man, if there were such a thing. You mustn't keep him waiting." "You WILL be flying with me Oma? To Darnassus? Yes?" "No lovely, we will travel by road to Astranaar. I should so like to see Ashenvale again. Once there Daelyshia can arrange a hippogryph to get you to Darnassus. She has cared for them since they were gifted to us by Cenarius. Now run along and make haste child. We leave just before dawn breaks which will be upon us soon." Excitedly Ehlissa set about preparing for her journey "But why not fly? It would be so much quicker and the Arch-druid assistant is impatient? And through the Felwood? So dangerous. why would the Arch-druid want to see me? Oh who cares... I'm going to see Darnassus!" Keeper Remulos' voice was stark and sullen "I have my concerns Oma, you know this." "As do I, but she has learned so much here with us. She can only learn more from Staghelm." replied Oma "I have known them both from their youth, Fandral Staghelm and Ehlissa. I see within her some of the same traits I see in Fandral. Both are victims of circumstance in their past." "Staghelm only wants what is best for our kind. And besides...Ehlissa is her own person." Keeper Remulos paused before responding "Both are emotional, strong willed, passionate, and pig-headed stubborn. It could be her undoing." he continued "She will make her own destiny in spite of us, in spite of Staghelm. She will not be undone by any one persons words. And I believe she will leave Felwood with much more than when she enters. It will speak to her." "A wise choice Oma... if she survives. Keep her close." "As close as a ghost mushroom is to the ground I promise you." to be continued...
  11. Purple Witch

    Ehlissa's Story - Wow Fan fiction

    XI The Mystery "But Oma..." Ehlissa asked anxiously "Yes Lovely... what troubles you?" "I don't understand something. I know why you and the witches before you are able to see the lotuses. You were touched by the Well magicks long ago. But why me?" Oma paused as she did often, looking past Ehlissa and into time itself. She remembered the days, uncounted hundreds of years ago when she and her sisters had partaken of the Well of Eternity. The ritual performed preventing them from falling into the slumber of the Emerald Dream. The self-imposed exile to Moonglade. And the night she found Ehlissa, battered, bruised, near death, cradling that purple lotus in her hands. Oma thought to herself, as many times before; "How could there be another Purple Witch? There were only a handful of us that took the ritual, that had willed the magick of the Well to our purpose. But there she was, laying there so still, so fragile and small... holding a purple lotus..." Oma finally spoke; "I do not know Lovely, I have never understood. Somehow... you have been touched by the Well, somehow you have been joined to our visions. I do not know how. I only know that you are here now, and I'm not done with your hair so turn back around curious child and let me finish." "Won't sit still for a minute!" Oma thought "She's going to be a handful when she gets older." To be continued...
  12. Purple Witch

    Ehlissa's Story - Wow Fan fiction

    X The Coven "The coven was formed, my lovely... ages ago, even ages before me if you can believe there are things older than my creaking bones!" Oma laughed "But why Oma, why didn't you sleep like the others?" asked Ehlissa "The Emerald Dream? Oh no lovely... that wasn't for us. You see when it was decided that we night-elves would help guard that realm from the demons, well... someone had to stay here and watch this one still. Who would watch over the trees, watch over us even?" Oma smiled her motherly smile, brushing Ehlissa's hair meticulously "Watch over us? But why?" Ehlissa turned to face Oma now "Lovely..." Oma smiled widely "The world blamed us for the demons... the humans and their alliance thought they could do better than we. Oh now I suppose there's something to it. But I don't know that humans or any other race would fare any better. We just happened to find the Well of Eternity first." Oma paused, looking past Ehlissa and into time "So anyway.. Lovely... Ysera the green dragon demanded the greatest elf druids to walk the Emerald Dream. There they would help guard that realm from the burning demons, the Burning Legion they were called. But a few of us... we knew elf kind needed looking over as well. The world was changing, everything changing. So some of us swore a secret oath, and channelled our remaining Well magicks into divination. We use that divination to warn us of dangers against our kind. We came to be known as the Purple Witches." "The purple lotuses?" Ehlissa interrupted "Yes Lovely, the purple lotuses." "So when I see them, the purple lotuses..." Ehlissa paused... knowing the answer already "Yes Lovely... when you see the purple lotuses, somewhere elven blood will be spilt ... and that's how we know there will be trouble in the forest." Oma finished To be continued...
  13. Purple Witch

    Ehlissa's Story - Wow Fan fiction

    IX The Awakening "Why did you bring her here?!" "She's too old!" "She's not one of us!" "She's already dead!" "She's too young!" "She doesn't belong here among us!" "She can't see the lotuses!" Each voice came crashing into Ehlissa's head like a raging kodo. She could not open her eyes, but she could hear the womens' voices around her, tossing their accusations like rocks at her. Each word leaving ripples of pain emanating outward through her semi-conscious state of awareness like so many stones heaved into a quiet pond. "Enough!" trumpeted the old witch "You cannot bring her here and teach her our ways Oma... she's not one of our own... you know this?" an aged voice said, more matter of factly than questioningly "But I can and I will..." replied Oma defiantly "We won't allow it Oma, it's forbidden for those who cannot see them." The old witch left the dark room, the purple spirits of the other witches flittered about the room in an quick, anxious dance clearly at unease over the recent events unfolding in their home. The witch returned a few moments later. Raising her hand to the purple spirits, she said calmly; "When I found this child, half dead and half dreaming, she held this strongly between her blood-stained hands." Oma, the old witch, held aloft a dark purple lotus for the spirits to see. The room fell silent, the witch spirits hushed. After a long, contemplative silence.... "She CAN see the Purple Lotuses?" "Well then..." one of the witch spirits finally said "...this changes everything now doesn't it?" Oma smiled softly, her aged face cracking under the strain. "I do hope so my lovely, I do hope so..." Oma whispered as she bent over Ehlissa. She began muttering below her breath in an unknown language, cradling Ehlissa's pale, blood-stained face motherly. Though she could not understand the words, Ehlissa's soul began to stir within herself... something was emerging... or more aptly something was re-emerging! To be continued...
  14. Purple Witch

    Ehlissa's Story - Wow Fan fiction

    VIII The Witch "Okay, I still don't get it. Your house was destroyed, your family killed, all these horrible things happen. So you decide to burn yourself every year on the same day? I'm lost!" exclaimed Yimmar "The hunter gave me a mark to remind me of him when I grew older. He tried to scar me for life with his heated blade. He didn't realize the bond that ties night-elves to nature. We are one with the land, with the forest and like the forest all scars disappear in time. Within a year the hunters mark was gone!" Ehlissa responded "Ahhh so you come here, this elaborate ritual, to replace the scar somehow? But why here, why this spot every time? You always end up here." "I just ran that first time, and here I ended up. Year after year I would climb the tree, allow the sun to burn my naked body... to remember... then run to this spot. It wasn't until years later I realized why I am so attuned to this spot..." Ehlissa paused and looked to the ground at her feet. Yimmar stood silently, attentively. "After the huntsman left, I passed out. I do not know how long I lay there. Hours, days, I do not know. But eventually I came to, sort of, in a daze still but cognizant. I began to wander, aimlessly, without reason or direction. I ended up here, it was here that I first saw the purple lotuses. I knelt to pick one up, the color was so fascinating to me, mesmerizing almost. When I touched it, I noticed the color... the same color as my bloodstained hands... where orc's blood mixed with my own blood from my hands." "Then the forest began to heave and spin, and everything went black again. My last sight that night... was of the witch kneeling over me." To be continued...
  15. Purple Witch

    Ehlissa's Story - Wow Fan fiction

    VII The Huntsman The blow came quickly, silently. Ehlissa never knew what hit her. When she awakened... "This is the best... your kind has to offer?!? You.... stunted pig-dog!" The voice was gruff, raspy, and not altogether human. "Your so-called... 'elite' was just bested... by a child! A night-elf child! An unarmed... female child!" Another voice spoke up defiantly. "Let me show you what I am going to do to this child." The heavily armored orc reached down and grabbed Ehlissa by the throat. Semi-conscious she could not resist. Her body hung limp in his grasp. "You'll do nothing... of the sort you foolish.... thing." The huntsman levelled his rifle at the base of the orc's skull. A single shot rang out in the empty house. Only the crackling of burning wood disturbed the fading ring, and then ofcourse the solid thud of the orc slumping to the floor and falling over. Brownish-red orc blood flowed swiftly across the floor in all directions. It mingled with that of it's kin, still warm from the fire. "The honor is in... the hunt, the sport is the chase. Where my dead... headless friend is the glory... in killing without honor? But I suppose... honor and glory matter even less... to you now?" The huntsman knelt down before Ehlissa "You still breathe my child... gooooood. I have a... special honor for you." He took Ehlissa's hand and dragged her out of her burning home, depositing her in the middle of the path that led up to the main road east of Astranaar. "Hear me child... little babe of Elune, hear... me now. Come on child... wake up and hear me..." Ehlissa stirred, a soft moan. She could not lift her eyelids without great effort, and even then just a bit. The huntsman smiled his best. "That's good child... listen to my words... to my name... for I DO want you to... remember it. I am Kor'ach Ara'morgul... I have lived... and I have died more times than I... care to remember." Ehlissa could make out nothing but blurred shadows, echoes for a voice, the ringing in her ears her closest companion. But she listened. "Easy child, easy... save your strength as you... will need it to live through... this night. Rest now and have... the strength to remember me... for if you live to see tomorrow's light... and tomorrow's tomorrow afterwards then you will need... all that strength and more." Ehlissa tried to speak, nearly passing out from the effort spent to sigh. "Shhh child... I am not your hero. Tonight... you have become my prey... my future hunt. In a dozen lifetimes... I do not know that I have seen someone... best an orc warrior as you have. I have a dozen... more lifetimes to wait for... you to grow, to mature. So remember... my name little one. Let it serve to inspire you... to become a foe even... more worthy of my hunt." The huntsman stood and drew his red sash away from his rotting face. "This face... may likely change before we meet again child... but my name will not. I am... Kor'ach Ara'morgul and I... will be waiting for you. Until we meet again... I leave you with a... tiny reminder lest you forget this night." The huntsman pulled his large knife and walked back to the burning house. He returned to Ehlissa's body, bloodied and bruised but still clinging to life. His blade glowed an infernal orange now, points of white-hot spark flickering from it. Korach pressed the flat side against her left cheek. Her flesh hissed as the blade burned deep, melting deep into her sensitive nightelf skin. Ehlissa screamed so loud, the pitch so high, that no audible sound could be heard. Korach threw himself backwards atop his undead mount. With a flick of his wrists they were off into the night leaving Ehlissa and the flaming ruins of Astranaar behind him. Ehlissa faded back into oblivion, the name Kor'ach upon her lips. To be continued...