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Changing Specialties

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i am an dwarf amorsmith right now and would like to switch to weaponsmith. In Ironforge there are the two queststarter NPCS and Blacksmith-Specialties-Trainers, that train some basic recipes for each specialty.
If you have done one of the questchains to become a specialtiesed smith, there is a conversation option unter the "Train Me!" option, that says: "I wish to unlearn the art of Armorsmithing", after that there is the verification question with same text "I wish to unlearn my blacksmith specialty". When i click it, there is an red error text, like when you cast a spell on cool down, with the following text: "You can't do that right now".
Well, after asking in world chat, how i am able to change specialties, a few people said, that you have to unlearn the whole blacksmithing skill, what in my opinion, is in the view of the talking-option of the trainer, totaly unnessesary. My question to the forum is: Its just a bug or didnt they implemented the real function in vanilla? Because in the WoW-Wiki, they basicly discribe, what i accualy want. (https://wow.gamepedia.com/Blacksmithing_Specialization)

The wiki page also includes TBC related content, so i dont know if they seriously have not implemented that yet and there is just this talking option without any function. But then why is there this talking option? I dont want to level my whole blacksmithing just for the specialization, when obviously there is an option in the game, that offers me what i accualy want.

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