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Looking for home for TBC release

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So after hearing of blizzards intentions and with it the knowledge of private servers, I’ve decided to relive my earlier gaming days. I have looked around at vanilla servers and they are all progressed rather far. With the progression into TBC I feel extremely confident this particular server will be around a long time, gives me the opportunity to start out on level ground (with Draenei or blood elf) and play a version I missed when it originally started.  So to my question. I will be playing from 12-5am central time zone. Is there a guild that raids or has the majority of there players on during this time?  Alliance or horde as I’ve played both and since I’m just starting out with TBC so close I will probably roll a blood elf paladin (holy) or a draenei shaman (Resto) I will be semi hardcore at 20-25 hrs a week and took most of TBC off for family the first time around so really looking forward to it.  I don’t want to be around without other guildies to have fun with. This camaraderie  is what made wow so special. Sorry I’m long winded just sitting at work.  


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