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My name is Dufas and I am looking for a guild to call home. I am pretty new to all of this but what I lack in experience I make up for with gumption! So a little about me, I am a young bright hunter who is eager to learn and grow as a troll who is coming into his own. My best friend Abner is a boar I met in Duotar and we have been together ever since. I try not to take things to seriously and am pretty laid back. I am looking for a guild to hang out with work toward common goals maybe take down some of the bad guys and kick back and have a few drinks! I guess I am mostly looking for a guild with a really strong sense of community almost like a family.


On a serious note.  I am a lvl 14 Troll hunter and mostly just look to join a guild to hang out with. It would be very difficult for me to commit to any kind of raiding (if I get to the appropriate level)  because of my current schedule in real life. Just let me know if you think I could fit into your guild!!!

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