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I love this game, but I would pay 100 bucks to not have to constantly have my time wasted by high level people ganking me.  I don't see why people like this and if I had an option I wouldn't play on PvP server, but unfortunately I can't.

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This has been brought up before where another player suggested a pvp token much like the existing xp token that can be bought for 300 coins. If you have the pvp token in your bag then you will not be flagged pvp enabled. you could put in a rule 'does not function at level 60' so this would still enable world pvp, or if you keep it in the bank you no longer have its effect. There are good and bad sides to this idea but at least it would open up the server to all players. Hopefully the devs will see this and think its a good idea, hey it'll be more revenue for them. 🙂

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