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Elysium Arena Champions PVP Tournament

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Dear Community,

Patch 1.11 has come and gone, and we congratulate all the guilds both Horde and Alliance so far that have cleared Naxxramas. Now that we have that out of the way...


Elysium Project is pleased to announce an on-going bi-weekly tournament of champions, ladder style event in Gurubashi Arena. Starting at 10pm Server Time on Feb 16th, two by two, Champions of the Horde and Heroes of the Alliance will be pitted against one another in a die and go home elimination style tourney. Our friends over at DKPMinus are hosting sign-ups and tracking the winners brackets as each team vies for the title of Elysium Arena Champions. So head on over to https://tournaments.dkpminus.com/tournamatch.php?file=games and put your name on the dotted line. Registration will end at midnight Feb 14th.

FOR THE HORDE                                         FOR THE ALLIANCE


PVP Tournament Rules:

The following consumables only will be allowed:

Healing potions

Mana potions

Dark Runes

Demonic Runes

Limited Invulnerability potions

Free Action potions


Summoned items Player buffs from any character other than your team mate will NOT be allowed. No world buffs allowed. Profession items such as Goblin Rocket Boots, grenades, Mana Oil, etc will NOT be allowed. Use of any ability/spell with a cooldown of longer than 15 minutes will NOT be allowed.

The following conditions will result in instant disqualification:

Leaving the arena floor after match has begun or before it ends.

Any outside interference. Use of any buff/potion/elixir/flask/item mentioned above.

This tournament will be a test of each players knowledge and skill of their CLASS. Leave your gold at home and bring only your A game and wit.

NOTE This list may be amended between now and Feb 15th.

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