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  1. Zancon

    Bought XP token for wrong character

    More often then not what players report here isn't the full story or is outright lies. Depending on if the truth is told or not matters for the outcome. I have to play the middle and get the user to the right spot while also not being accusatory and tempering expectations for the user. Think whatever you wish, though.
  2. Zancon

    Bought XP token for wrong character

    I would submit a GM ticket for this they may be able to help you - I wouldn't get your hopes up but they just might be in a good mood and move it over for you. You can submit the ticket by clicking the red "?" on your mini bar in game.
  3. Zancon

    How do i download tbc client ?

    If you click the discord link in my signature and then navigate to the channel named #tbc-general and then go to "Pinned Messages" we have a guide. In short you will need a World of Warcraft Burning Crusade 2.4.3 Client of your choice but otherwise everything in our Vanilla Beginner's guide is still valid. Make sure you don't accidentally install to the same directory as your Vanilla install.
  4. Zancon

    Coin Prizes

    Those two more expensive mounts are supposed to be extremely rare and that is why the price reflects that.
  5. Zancon

    Characters missing

    The likely cause of this is possibly the compromise of your account. I would first change your email and account password to secure them. Then I would elevate your ticket to the GM's here on the forums by going here; https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/65465-ban-appeals-read-first/ I know it says ban appeal and this is not a ban appeal, just the tool were going to use to privately get information to the GM team to investigate. Fill out all of the required information, try and give dates and descriptions as best you can for the last time you played etc. They may restore the characters but it's very unlikely to get gear and gold restored. But see what they say, you have nothing to lose.
  6. Zancon

    Characters missing

    I have looked through our Armory located here; https://cp.elysium-project.org/armory None of those character names seem to exist - so let's see if they were deleted. Log into the control panel - https://cp.elysium-project.org/ Navigate to Shop -> Edit Character -> Character Restore and see if anything shows up there. Let me know what you find.
  7. Zancon

    Aqual Quintessence

    Please open in-game tickets for any in-game issues. You can open a ticket by clicking on the red "?" near the bottom right of your screen on your mini bar.
  8. Zancon

    Character gone

    Snuz - it looks like you already did one to get access back to your account again to be able to log in so you are familiar with the process. We did have 1 other user that did have the correct account and their character was not placed on it, and it was investigated and able to be restored. I am starting to wonder if you have the same issue. the GM's in the Appeals forums can figure it out and get it fixed up if so.
  9. Zancon

    Gold Selling Cancellation

    You have to find it in the sales page to cancel it. It will be under the name of the character that you posted it with. You may also have to check back several times to find it, the gold pages move very quickly.
  10. Zancon

    character transfer to another account

    Only if you sell it for coins in our shop and buy it from the other account.
  11. Zancon

    Character gone

    The last resort would be to post up in the ban appeals section - not because I think your banned, but to elevate the ticket to the GM team that can look into it further. Read up here and then post: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/65465-ban-appeals-read-first/ Try to give as much information / account names you can and they can see if they can help locate the character for you. I don't have the kind of access needed to look in the database.
  12. Zancon

    Didn't receive my Elysium Coins

    PM me your account name, email, date of transaction and paypal transaction ID. Do not post any of this information in public please - some people will see it and try and compromise your account.
  13. Zancon

    Character gone

    All characters have been merged to their accounts - meaning if you have logged through your accounts and logged into Nighthaven and the two extra chars realms and do not see it; then you have at least 1 other account. You can also try looking through the website by logging into the control panel and selecting "Characters". Suggest maybe going back through your email accounts looking for elysium project emails that may allow you to play. Alternatively if you are on the same computer you have used before you can go through your WTF folder and find your old account names there as well.
  14. Zancon

    Character gone

    Is it possible you have another account and are simply logging into the wrong one?
  15. Zancon

    Character gone

    Can you successfully log into the game? Realmlist is set correctly? Can you log into the control panel and find it under characters? https://cp.elysium-project.org/main/characters When you log into the server, are you only looking at the Nighthaven realm, or did you also look at the extra chars#1 and exta chars#2 realms? Can you search the character name on the website control panel and find it? https://cp.elysium-project.org/armory?realm=1&yt0=Continue When searching also try and shorten the name in case someone else also had the name - for example for Zancon I would start removing letters from the end trying to find it. If someone else had the name it will be shortened and given numbers at the end such as Zancon81 / Zanco90. Let's start here and see what happens.