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  1. Zancon

    Char import

    If they create a tool to do so we will accept transfers from any other reputable server project.
  2. Zancon

    Looting is changing my camera angle

    Very strange behavior sorry I am not any help on this one.
  3. Zancon

    Nethergarde transfer to new TBC server

    Yes, both servers can copy to TBC. You will still retain the original on Vanilla as well.
  4. The tremor totem pulses on a timer. It's quite the skill in vanilla to do it correctly.
  5. Zancon

    TBC server showing offline

    You dont use the launcher, only WoW.exe. be sure to follow the beginners guide in my signature.
  6. Zancon

    TBC server showing offline

    The game is WoW.exe you have to actually install the installer to a new folder. It must be separate from your 1.12.1 vanilla wow install as well as your install of retail WoW, if you have one. The same rules and directions apply to TBC as vanilla in our beginners guide. Link to that is in my signature below.
  7. Zancon

    Looting is changing my camera angle

    I was hoping that maybe someone else would of had this problem, or heard of it before and be able to answer you. I guess not - so maybe we go through settings I use and hope we get lucky? So in interface options, the camera section; Style - Smart Follow Terrain and Head Bob are both unchecked. Auto Follow speed is in the middle, water collision and smart pivot are both checked. Mouse look speed is in the center and max camera distance is as high as it goes.
  8. Zancon


    When you log into the game, choose a server and then there will be a "Create Character" button. Nighthaven is our older server, fully progressed through all content. Higher population. Nethergard is our fresh server launched more recently and still progressing through content. Lower population.
  9. Zancon


    ? You create a character and level it. You don't have to purchase anything.
  10. Zancon

    TBC server showing offline

    You have to download the 2.4.3 TBC client to play TBC. https://www.dkpminus.com/blog/wow-2-4-3-download/
  11. Zancon

    WoW download not registering as TBC

    The server will be completely wiped before it goes live. Then transfers from NH and NG will be allowed to copy. Then Launch. Today is just a basic stress test to see what server and core issues we might still have so were going to try our best to crash it to get data to fix it. That way when we go live for real its more stable. For today we did a blanket copy on the entire Nighthaven database so soon when it goes live you will see everything you had on Nighthaven as of a couple days ago when we did the copy.
  12. Zancon

    WoW download not registering as TBC

    The stress test server isn't live yet for connection. 11 more minutes.
  13. Zancon

    IMPORTANT: TBC Expansion & More!

    I believe it's going to be a webtool when the server goes live. For the stress test today we have just blanket copied the entire Nighthaven database.
  14. Zancon

    Can't Log In

    its; set realmlist logontbc.elysium-project.org missing the "set" part of the command.
  15. Zancon

    TBC log in, no 'forgot password' option.

    Your TBC login is the same as your normal login to the vanilla servers