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  1. Zancon

    TBC: How to play!

    Inactive accounts were transferred without gold. This was on purpose and you will have to earn gold.
  2. Zancon

    Character transfer Light's Hope to Elysium

    We have disabled it for the time being due to the imports causing issuee on our server. I dont have an ETA at this time for when it will reopen.
  3. Zancon

    Information entered is not valid

    We fixed it, apologies everyone!
  4. Zancon

    sing in

    We got it all fixed. Apologies to everyone!
  5. Zancon

    I lose 50g in Gold Exchange submission...

    You go into the gold exchange and find you auction and cancel it.
  6. Zancon

    bad latency problem

    The server location is in France. Assuming you are far from there. People have had good luck using VPN's to help latency issues. Using both endpoints in your country as well as endpoints in France. If you dint have a VPN I believe Express VPN and tunnelbear both have free trials you can see if it works for you. Otherwise nothing we can do about your routing to our server unfortunately.
  7. Zancon

    I lose 50g in Gold Exchange submission...

    Wait, are you saying you posted gold on the gold exchange? If so the gold exchange is like tha auction house, another user must purchase your gold for Elysium coins for you to receive Elysium coins to then purchase the bag. Until someone purchases your gold auction, you do not receive Elysium coins.
  8. Zancon

    Сannot delete transfer character

    This is an issue our development team is aware of. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  9. You can try clearing your wtf and WDB folders and see if that helps. But this is a known issue with some transfers due to the way LH exported the data. You can also see if you can open a GM ticket in game and see if they can give the abilities. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  10. When you try to load in the game it will force a name change. Someone already has those names here so you will have to make new names.
  11. Zancon

    I lose 50g in Gold Exchange submission...

    Did you make sure to select the correct server tou wanted the item on?
  12. Zancon

    Unable to use Volley in 1.12

    That's in line with the rest of the reports we have been getting. The developers are working on fixing it but I don't have an ETA at this time for when the fix will be in place.
  13. Zancon

    Unable to use Volley in 1.12

    Is your character transferred from LH or was it always on the server? We have been getting reports of AoE spells not working for transfers.
  14. Zancon

    Gold missing From exchange

    Theres several causes of this, first, it could just be moving fairly quickly so say it's on page 4 but by the time you click page 4 it moves to either page 3 or page 5 depending on the market at the moment. Could also be not showing up of theres already many 10g auctions up for the same price posted before you to give those time to sell through. Could be you posted them on Nighthaven, but your looking at the Stormrage page or vice versa. I have previously requested our webdev make a "my auctions" button or something to see what you have for sale but it's not been implemented yet unfortunately.
  15. We are looking into opening this as an option. We need to catch up on bug fixes related to transfers first before we database merge them over to Stormrage or we will just introduce more bugs. I dont have an ETA for this at this time.