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  1. Zancon

    Gold Exchange

    Perfect, glad it all worked out!
  2. Zancon

    Why the TBC server needs to be PVE

    If you search around the forum you will find there have been several PvP vs. PvE server posts. There's never been enough participation to suggest a PvE server would be a success. If the player base wanted it and it was enough players to justify it, we would do it. We have tried the PvE approach in the past, the servers normally die out and end up getting merged into the PVP server(s).
  3. Zancon

    i can not log in

    Server needed to be restarted. Apologies for any inconvenience. As always, the most up to date server information is found on our discord. You can connect to it using the discord link in the upper right hand corner of the forum.
  4. Zancon

    Call to Arms: Improving PvP!

    PVP isn't perfect we still have issues we need to work on to make the experience better for the players. We will be implementing more changes in the near future. Our biggest win lately was implementation of the queue commands in September; .Arathi .Warsong .Alterac
  5. Zancon

    Gold Exchange

    Glad whatever the issue was got solved. The biggest thing we are seeing about the Gold Exchange is that sometimes it could take up to 72 hours for your post to show up.
  6. Zancon

    Leveling Builds

    Nothing wrong with your plan - paladin leveling is quite slow and going a more instance farming / healing spec is completely viable but may take longer. Be prepared for that. Early dungeons you won't need to worry about healing talents at all really. They are not tuned to be very hard so you can focus more the solo stuff before picking up healing talents. Make sure you are downranking spells to be more mana efficient. Most of all have some fun!
  7. Zancon

    Cannot talk to Jarven Thunderbrew

    Did you distract him as the quest text says? I did this quest again yesterday and it was working.
  8. Zancon

    My character is missing! Help!

    Anathema is not currently playable on Elysium project. Those characters should be playable end of November or early December.
  9. Zancon

    My character is missing! Help!

    What server was your character on? About a year ago we created a new server, Nighthaven. We have been merging the older characters from our past servers into Nighthaven as the patches have progressed. If your character was on Anathema, it will be merged soon but has not been merged yet. We expect either the end of November or early December to merge Anathema characters. You will not have to do anything, it will happen automatically.
  10. Zancon

    Nighthaven: October changelog

    I personally don't know when each individual change was made but if you experienced issues just last week I would say there might be some additional work for us to do. Have you been experiencing the same this week as well?
  11. Zancon


    It is possible there could be a "Name release" at some point for accounts that have not been active. If this is to happen, it would be a little bit further in the future to allow those players to come back after our final merge if the Anathema (nost PVP) server.
  12. No need to bump the thread. This is being looked at by the team, but will take a back seat to the needs of finishing off any remaining scripting or bugs present in the recently launched 1.11 patch.
  13. Zancon


    The server is located in France. Depending on your routing to France you may be able to achieve better routing and less ping by utilizing a paid VPN that has servers in France. This is not a guarantee and does cost money. If you are interested, Torrent Freakz does a huge breakdown of VPN's every year from the point of view of privacy but it is a good list to go through if you do not have a VPN service now and would like to find in one. Link below; https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-services-keep-anonymous-2018/
  14. Zancon

    Can't sign into the forums with my main account

    I have shamed my dojo 😞
  15. No hard date yet. Probably a couple of weeks or so.