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  1. Are you sure this isn't a grounding totem?
  2. pleas delete my account

    I have never heard that before. Nor do I have any idea how they would possibly ban individual people even if they wanted to.
  3. Test Server - down since last night

    The PTR does not always stay up.
  4. Is an appearance change possible?

    It is possible that cosmetic changes could be part of a cash shop. We do not currently have an ETA available for what that could mean, or a timeline for it to be implemented if we do move forward with a cash shop.
  5. 1.9 war effort

    Generally speaking, we try to keep everything as blizzard like as possible. Changes, if any, will be announced when we get a bit closer.
  6. Internet Lag

    The server is located in Europe - so latency from the united states is going to be higher than what you are used to. You could try a different VPN client, that may give you better routing.
  7. cant log in

    Both of you have set the file correctly? IT should only have 1 line that says; set realmlist Also make sure your wow client is installed to a backup hard drive or some place like a folder on your desktop and not in C:\Program Files\ That will cause your client to try and log into the official wow servers, which you obviously don't want. If you have done all of this please give as much information as possible so we can try and help diagnose your issues.
  8. Other Server Database Compromise

    Epsylon88, Reset your password and wait at least 40 minutes before trying again. Be very sure you are typing the password correctly. Be wary that sometimes people copy/paste their passwords from other forms, emails, documents etc. Sometimes this adds an extra space before or after your password and you will ban yourself on accident due to too many login attempts.
  9. nobody can see my whisper

    Are you over level 10? We have anti-spam measures in place where low level characters cannot message other characters.
  10. Shaman Quest Bug - Cannot get Water Totem

    Please use the red "?" on your in game mini-bar and submit a GM ticket so they can look into it for you.
  11. pleas delete my account

    As far as I am aware, we do not delete accounts.
  12. Help Restoring an Old Account

    High level overview to help you guys out; All Elysium project realms (Anathema, Elysium, Darrowshire etc.) were merged into a single realm named Stratholme. The Elysium project user base was very vocal about wanting a completely new, fresh realm. This realm was created as a fast patch progression vanilla-like experience and the server was named Nighthaven. After the Nighthaven release, the users flocked to the new Nighthaven realm, and re-rolled new characters. Nighthaven does not support restored characters or realm transfers. The popularity of Nighthaven negatively affected the Stratholme realm, to the point Stratholme only have about ~300 total users online at peek hours. Because this low user count was unplayable, the server was moved offline. Without getting into drama, another vanilla project named Light's Hope continued the older, pre-merge Elysium project servers. I cannot speak for them, nor do I have any idea how their project runs or how they restore or transfer or any of those things. What I can tell you, is here on Elysium we only have 1 server, Nighthaven, where everyone has re-rolled fresh. As far as I am aware, there have not been any transfers from Elysium project to Light's Hope Project. The light's hope project has the old Elysium database, it was not a transfer or a restore. If you would like, go ahead and start a fresh character and join us here on the Elysium server Nighthaven.
  13. Have the Dragons of Nightmare been added?

    Will be added on July 8th 2018 in patch 1.8
  14. Log-in Disconnects, random lock up

    Did you ever try a VPN to connect first? It could be a routing issue. We have received 2-3 of these types of reports recently, but with so little information its hard to diagnose.
  15. Disconnect on Login

    Can you give more information? Have you been able to log in perfectly previously?