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Horde Resto Shaman and/or Prot Warrior LF Raid Guild (NA)

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I've been away for some time now, I had stopped because I was having a hard time finding groups to do 5-Mans to gear for Raids, but I'm reinvigorated.
 I have a 60 Resto shammy with about half pre-raid BiS and an essentially fresh 60 prot warrior that doesn't have much in the way of gear.  I'm looking for either a new guild that's almost ready to start raiding or an established raid guild that can help me gear up.  I'd prefer shaman but leveling a warrior to 60 was almost the hardest thing I've ever done, and wouldn't mind that effort not being for naught.  As stated, they're Resto and Prot but I can spec for anything but I only have gear for those specs, though I have some enhance stuff, but prefer to heal.

My Shaman is 300/300 Alchemy/Herb but no fancy recipes.  and my warrior is BS/Mine but they're mid 200's

I'm North American based and available Sunday to Thursday, but that may change to Sundays to Wednesdays, any time after 5pm Mountain/7 eastern.


And if it makes a difference I'm 31 years old.

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