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US West Coast (Seattle) casual leveling and eventually raiding looking for guild

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I have a paladin in Nighthaven. Just looking for a guild to level with and to run dungeons. Eventually looking to raid/pvp. I also plan on starting a new toon (orc warrior) when the new server goes live this Saturday. The paladin is gonna be my main. Or at least that's the plan.

My history with WoW -- I started playing around 2005/2006. Cat expansion was the last I played. I recently just got back into WoW not too long ago.


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You should roll alliance on the new server 😉


<MAGA> is a new social/leveling guild that will expand into raiding when we get there. We welcome players old and new especially if you missed out on raiding content on Nighthaven. We have members from some top guilds of Nighthaven (15/15 Naxx) that wanted a new fresh experience before classic is released. Alot of our current player also have retail vanilla experience. We are primarily based in NA but have some EU members as well. Looking to level up, run dungeons and have some fun until we get to 60. Once at 60 we will need experienced class leads and a couple officers to push as much content as possible before classic or tbc launches. DM me on discord or PM me in game for an invite. We also have two recruiting officers that can be contacted in-game Rainpls and Tanksalots.

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