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Guild Master Edit Ranks Not Working

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My guild's GM has been inactive for over a month and I was able to petition that Guild Master be switched to my character (Vrolijk of the guild Revolution).  I am now the GM and can see the option to play with guild ranks and such.  Only problem is that when I try to edit things, I get a message saying, "you don't have permission to do that."  Yes I do - I'm the GM - I am an all powerful being and can do whatever I want! 


I've tried the following:

(1) Deleting my WDB folder.
(2) Disabling all macros & addons,
(3) Downloading a new version of the game.

A screenshot of what I'm seeing:


I don't know if there's something buggy in the game, the guild, or just the fact that guild master was moved via. a GM.  But I would like to play with the guild ranks and permissions and right now I cannot do that - some of the changes I plan to make to the guild require some new permissions.


Edited by Vrolijk

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