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Hunter Pet Woes

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Hi all,

This is my first post on these vanilla servers and from what I've seen of these pages and the game it is pretty kewl!  I never played the game back when it was vanilla but the guys who got me involved after that were pretty adamant of how easy the game has gotten to what it was back then.  I played on 3 or 4 different servers with maybe 2 main toons (1 in each faction) and at least 12 alts on the main and  many more on other servers - all different in some aspect.  I dropped out for a while but since the 111-120 has dropped have wanted to play again.   I ended up here after doing a search for vanilla servers instead of the new game.  I'm playing a hunter cause I played that one all the way up to 110 so feel more or less comfortable with it even thou I'm admittedly rusty after not playing since right after making it to 110 and getting most all my reputations completed.

And herein lies the rub, as they say.  I have played the last 4 days and am currently a 16 Beast Mastery hunter (I have borrowed a few of the shots from the other 2 choices cause I was used to how they worked) and am pretty used to playing with a pet.  But the way it plays I'm not sure it's right or maybe its bugged.  I'm not sure. 

The first problem is - My pets has run away about 50 times(at least).  I can feed them and feed them where I get a smile next to their icon and 2 mins later its a frown and they are gone.  They run away after I have fed them 3 times in a row and on the fourth one it says they ran away (while feeding).  They have ran away 10 times in Org at least.  I fed them once and popped out to windows to find the first aid trainer and came back in and they are gone.  I'm not sure it's right to have to feed them in Org but I try and to no avail - boom they are gone.  I buy 80 beef jerkys in the morning and by just after lunch I have maybe 25% of them left and thats with all the times I play without a pet just cause its getting to be a pain dying while trying to tame. All the boar meat, stacks and stacks farmed just outside Org and they last an hour maybe.  I used one of the auto pet feeders mostly all this time too, but it would feed them once or twice and then the frowns would start.  I'd have to feed them 4 times in a row just to get the frown gone and then 3 mins later, another frown.  Or it would tell me I have to establish a pet first, and this is after leveling it up from 13-15 and it would just drop all the info about my pet.  And yep, u guessed it- gone! (and so are the talents I/it earned with it.

The second problem is - all the training points or things like growl(2) and bite and poison would all disappear with the pet.  The next pet would have to start all over with its own icons/earned talents again.  and again etc.  I would think once you have the exp and the choices u picked/earned for it, u would be able to keep them especially after the pets run away any time u turn your head.

The third problem is - and this will be the last one - when u are "taming beast" the first 2,3,4 times for 'each" pet it doesn't work...it goes thru the full cast and the pet didn't tame, so by that time your down to 1/4 life and with the available skills/talents you have your not getting away from a pet with the same or 1 less level u are in hand to hand combat with a hunter. So your running back. And you're running back again, and again.  I don't make enuff coin to pay to have my gear reset from 60-70% down just from dying in hand to hand with a feline or rapture or whatever.  Then you reset and it happens for the next 2-6 times you try and tame a beast.  After the first 2 or 3 times I started whistling up my pet - it would not show up, then I'd try and heal it and it would say that I don't have a pet and then would try to revive and again I would get..you don't have a pet.  Just in case this was what was making the pet taming cast fail time after time.  I at one point thought my hunter was "broken" cause it wouldn't ever "tame" a beast.

My point is here that I'm hoping it's a bug and it's not how it was designed - or maybe it was, I don't know.  I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong and can be set straight so I can continue with this hunter.  Or maybe a few key tips I'm missing that I can change my play and make it work.  I just know that my hats are off to the guys (and girls) lol that made it to 60 playing with it like this.  I know when I joined it was to 85(?) and I don't remember having any of these problems.  As I remember it was the last 4 days of cata and then Pandoria dropped.  This is not supposed to be a rant and if it came out that way, I'm sorry, it wasn't meant like that.  I want to play this some more cause I never joined in time back when.  

But I'm sorry, this is not fun.

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This is the expected behavior in vanilla WoW. Everything was much more difficult, everything you describe is just how it was back then.

Make sure you are not afk with pets out until max level. They lose interest extremely quickly as you have seen.

Make sure you read up on guides here in the hunter forums as well as sites like




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