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Improved sprint while leveling - Human rogue

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I really want improved sprint while leveling, due to the occasional pvp fun in STV etc, but I'm having a hard time on reading up what talents to sacrifice in favor of imp sprint. 

Most guides are pretty forward when it comes to leveling with combat swords(right picture beneath), and I know the class pretty well (cleared all content prior to patch 2.0 in vanilla). 



So I was thinking maybe 1 p expertise (due to human racial) and 1 p aggression is an easy choice, but I dont have theorycrafting to back this decision. A friend of mine says skip 2 talents in offhand specialisation as weapons while leveling are shit anyway. 

Any suggestions? And why?


TL;DR - I want imp. sprint while leveling, but i'm having a hard time pointing out what 2 talents to cut (take human racial into the equation). I'm not planning to speed run to 60. 

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