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Hunter Macro Issue on TBC Test Server

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Hello, I have a bit of an odd issue when trying out the TBC project on a newly made Draenei Hunter (but pretty sure this will apply to any hunter regardless of race).

My current macro is simply to hunter mark something and have the pet attack it at the same time (as there is no ASSIST feature in TBC - which I find odd, it's Aggressive/Defensive/Passive - all honesty Defensive is like Passive)

Macro is;

/cast Hunter's Mark(Rank 1) - works
/script PetAttack() - I get a small pop-up window saying that it is part of Blizzard UI and refuses my pet to auto attack yet DOES Mark my target with the previous /cast

SO, the question is, is this something that can be worked around?
Will I forever have to click on the little attack button in the pet panel before I do anything?
OR, is there something wrong with the way I wrote the Macro itself?
It seems to register but "Blizzard UI" is preventing the action from happening altogether.

Can the devs at Elysium potentially change the Defensive stance of a pet to Assist like in the Vanilla version instead (unless the coding is a pain in the butt then I understand)?

Thank you in advance, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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