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Ebon Shadowbag purchased on for the wrong character on the wrong realm

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So, my girlfriend purchased Ebon Shadowbag for a wrong character on the wrong realm Nighthaven, that's because she had the character on that realm with the same name and it was already selected, this was her's first time using the shop so she obviously missed the realm name, since both realms start with letter N. We don't even play on Nighthaven server, we started there, but there were too many players so we decided to go to Nethergarde where we are lvl 60 now.

We opened the in-game ticked for this problem already, and the answer we got from GM is that he is unable to help since it's human error. Ok, I get that it is a human error, but I don't accept that as a solution! She voted for the server to be able to get the bag, and now she can't use it because of the wrong purchase.

Let me know if you guys can help, I know that there is a way to make this happen, I know it needs some time to be done. But, having that bag sitting on that server is just a waste. 

Kind Regards



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We are all volunteers and don't have the resources to be able to fix human error. If we tried to do that, nothing would ever get done. I apologize,  but please be very careful when making selections to ensure they are the correct ones.

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