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A character bought at an auction was stolen.

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Hello dear administration of Elysium. Yesterday at 2 am Moscow time, I bought a character under the nickname Redakh at the auction. After spending 1034 bonuses and taking screenshots against the background of a separate Internet tab with the local time, I made sure that the purchased warrior appeared in the lists of characters on the site in my account and directly in the game. Having logged into the game half an hour earlier, I was surprised to notice that the character I had purchased earlier was missing from my account. I want to note that this character was on sale for quite a long time at your auction, I do not know if it was a fraud on the part of the person who placed it or some kind of mistake, but I ask you to understand this situation and return the character I bought. Thanks.

Ps I apologize in advance for the size of the tab with the local time open on the background of your site. I am attaching screenshots of the purchase operation and a screenshot confirming the absence of the character purchased earlier.wvYYxWWxqCc.jpg2VgAJXfaiYw.jpgw_G21Nq9wKE.jpgHZSM8noZ26k.jpgJZTQnqoyN2M.jpgwAVOmzExMHU.jpg

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