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  1. tipping well. horde side.
  2. Subrias

    Worth investing time?

    Zancon, what are the peak times of the server? I'm curious. Edited because autocorrect... lol
  3. How many times you gonna post complaints about ganking? This is the 3rd one I've seen from you. Lol. Also, I rarely even retaliate when people gank me. I haven't enjoyed PvP since vanilla and my original warlord grind. The one time I did, i destroyed the guy and I had no mana..... as a hunter.... 2 levels lower than him...im horde side btw. People who gank lobbies do it because they are bored or are just bad at PvP. Has nothing to do with being horde or alliance.
  4. Subrias

    My hunt for lupos

    Most of the classic servers use a 1.12 base for their patch and just release content accordingly. I would think Luis was nerfed at the launch.
  5. it may have been there in vanilla, but bliz didn't implement it either.
  6. Disclaimer... there may be really bad karaoke happening rofl..
  7. Whats up guys, I have been playing wow since it launched way back when. I started a druid, got to level 35 took 3 minutes and a full mana bar to kill a a turtle 3 levels below me, said f this shit, re-rolled a hunter... and never looked back. I have raided every single raid that has existed as current content. I was in Encore on Illidan-US (top 100 world guild not sure where they are now but i know they are still pretty high up) for a while and still remain friends with a bunch of them. Anyway, my buddy recently begged (no joke) me to make a toon on this server. He started listing all the reasons he likes vanilla, "no LFG, No flying, 40 man raids, etc". I respond with.. "Sooooooo all the reasons I dont want to play it?" lol. Im one of the people who isnt nostalgic about how amazing vanilla was compared to retail. Vanilla was good, BC was MUCH better if only for the QoL changes, Wrath was even better than that.... Anyway... So here I am, playing because i wanted something to do with my friends and this is what they want to do. I will stream Whenever I am on, no matter what activity I am doing. Stop by and say hey if you would like. https://www.twitch.tv/jw1dragon
  8. Subrias

    Horde lowbie gankers?

    I don't condone ganking low levels.. but I'm sure it has a lot more to do with it happening to them than anything else.. like the 20 person level 50+ alliance group camped outside grom gol and nessingwary for 3 hours the other day making it impossible to even res.
  9. Welcome to vanilla PvP? When I was playing vanilla we had a grenade group who got so bored with winning so easy that we started pvping in cloak,boots,belts and weapons only.. we were still 5 capping the alliance in AB. We got reported for taunting and they banned us all for 24 hours. But the imbalance of teams and q times was always there.
  10. Subrias

    [Bug] A couple ive noticed

    Some patrolling mobs arent patrolling like trolls in the skullsplitter camp in stv and the hyenas in desolace for example. The Skullsplitter Hunters in STV are spawning inside eachother, have extra pets, and makes speaking to gan'zulah nearly impossible to solo.
  11. Subrias

    Young Hunters Tutorial

    While some macros are definitely helpful, some like target nearest enemy combined with attack will cause issues in a group. I have played hunter since day 1 of open vanilla and I subconsciously use ctrl 1 (default pet attack) even on live when I don' have a pet.. lol. It also took me a good while to stop trying to cast hunters mark when they changed that. Anyway that said, some macros are good, such as the weapon swap one mentioned above. It all really comes down to how you want to play and what works for you.
  12. Thats absurdly rude.... There is 0 way to have 1k gold by 60 if you are leveling like a normal person.
  13. Subrias

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    These macros will get you yelled at in a party if you don' know how to play. What would make me happy would be a way to make my right click start ranged attack without making it lose all of its other functions.. you know, like it does on live lol.. but closest you can come is binding a keybind to do it
  14. Subrias

    Pet attack macro

    Ctrl 1? Shift t? I still press ctrl 1 for it even in legion because that was the default in vanilla and I've always used it subconsciously ever since.
  15. That' how it was in vanilla.. also, you are wrong about the pvp part. My vanilla horde group on bronzebeard used to 3 to 0 and 5 cap ab using nothing but boots belts cloaks and weapons because we had communication and strategy. The alliance reported us for cheating but we werent.. lol