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  1. Blizzard asked for our input regarding the demo and the panels from Blizzcon, so here's some from multiple members of the Classic community in the latest Countdown To Classic podcast: https://countdowntoclassic.com/2018/11/13/episode-82-the-classic-community-speaks-on-sharding-loot-trading-content-timetables-the-demo/
  2. WoW Designer Kevin Jordan talks about working on WoW back in the day as one of the original three game designers on vanilla. Topics include class and ability design and Classic speculation. https://countdowntoclassic.com/2018/10/04/episode-73-ex-wow-designer-kevin-jordan-on-classes-abilities-classic/ Highlights Below: In Depth Interview – 3:10 All About Kevin – 4:10 Working With Blizz Personalities – 8:00 State of WoW/Blizz When Kevin Arrived – 11:45 Designing/Balancing Abilities – 14:30 Designing Talents + Talent Trees – 17:40 Cookie Cutter Builds – 21:20 Spec Failures/Ret Paladins – 25:10 Elemental Mages – 29:20 Things That Hit The Cutting Room Floor – 31:25 Class Design Pride/Warriors – 36:05 Warriors Being OP – 37:35 Hunter Late Design – 40:20 Technical Limitations Cutting Content – 42:30 Broken Rotations – 46:30 Would You Change Anything With Hybrids – 49:10 Demon Hunters In Vanilla – 53:50 Spell/Ability Design Process – 58:10 Grim Batol – 1:02:45 Cooldowns – 1:07:20 Warlock Design – 1:12:05 Runemaster Class – 1:14:25 Necromancer Class – 1:15:30 Bard Class – 1:16:50 Other MMO Inspirations/Concepts Kevin Liked – 1:19:25 Kevin Helps Bring PvP To WoW – 1:27:50 Fun Blizz Personalities – 1:33:30 Having Items Named After You In Game – 1:35:40 Classic WoW Demo – 1:37:25 Changes or No Changes Coming To Classic – 1:40:40 Thoughts On Post Vanilla WoW – 1:46:05 Blizzard Love For Vanilla? – 1:50:20 Thoughts On Classic Leaks – 1:54:30 Will Classic Succeed? – 1:58:45 Farewell – 2:00:30 Memory Lane – 2:05:00 Morhaime/Brack Blizz President News – 2:14:45 Show News & Shout Outs – 2:18:00
  3. https://countdowntoclassic.com/2018/08/20/episode-63-the-making-of-world-of-warcraft-with-vanilla-dev-john-staats/ Some really interesting stuff in this interview I conducted last weekend with the original 3D level desinger of WoW, that we never knew about the plans for WoW. It's very long, but it's worth it. Talks about designs for dungeons/raids and cut playable races/dungeons etc.
  4. Nice podcast breakdown with YouTuber/Streamer DaRealMarkyMark of Warlock & Rogue issues in vanilla: https://countdowntoclassic.com/2018/05/02/episode-23-keeping-it-classy-locking-rogueing-with-dareal-markymark/ Yes, it is my show. Yes, I'm basically advertising. Yes, I am sorry in advance. Sort of.
  5. I know Alexensual is a relatively well known figure in the private server community, so figured I'd share this link to him in a 75 min in depth interview talking all about the history of private servers, his involvment and his views on the community and his place in it, check it out for a really interesting listen: https://countdowntoclassic.com/2018/04/18/episode-17-the-alexensual-interview/
  6. Hey All, I just released an episode putting the recent purported World of Warcraft: Classic 'leaks' regarding #nochanges under the microscope in the latest episode of Countdown To Classic - A World Of Warcraft: Classic Podcast. I figure a good portion of you might be into it: https://countdowntoclassic.com/2018/04/02/episode-11-plugging-up-classic-leaks/ If you haven't heard the show yet then check it out, it's got a lot of listeners now and you just might be pleasantly surprised :) Yours in vanilla, - Josh.
  7. Hi all, I'm a first time poster but I'm looking to get engaged in the community - I've started a World of Warcraft Classic podcast called Countdown To Classic - countdowntoclassic.com - and just wanted to share the link with you all as I know a few of you have been asking if there are any WoW Classic podcasts going around - just wanted to add this one to the mix. The first two episodes are now available, with the third coming this Sunday morning EST. I'm looking to bring you two episodes per week - a Sunday morning and a Wednesday morning show. The Sunday morning show focuses on news, opinions and gossip from the official forums, this forum and the Classic WoW Subreddit. The aim is to promote sane discussion between the changes vs. no changes crowds and I present BOTH sides of the argument to certain hot button issues of the week. The segments of the Sunday episodes are: Forum & Fauna - Breaking down 3 popular forum/reddit threads and quoting posts and providing analysis and arguments for both sides; Anger Management - Having fun quoting the angriest posts that I found through the week; Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner - Most thoughtful/insightful/funniest posts of the week; Memory Lane - Funniest listener submitted WoW Classic stories The Wednesday episodes, or 'Way Back Wednesdays', provide a deep dive on the lore of Classic WoW. Each week I pick a location or character and give a documentary style reading of the lore, obtained from WoW Wiki et al, and provide fun commentary/jokes throughout. This is a light, fun exploration of the stories we've all come to know and love and provides a refresher course on places we'll be getting back to in Classic WoW. The episode also discusses forums posts regarding community reactions to the content at the time, and expectations/desires for the content moving forward in Classic WoW. The segments for the Wednesday episodes are as follows: A Scoop of Vanilla - 20-30 minutes documentary style lore + fun commentary; That's What We Said - Forum and Reddit posts discussing community reactions/issues with the content at the time and expectations/desire/requests for it in WoW Classic; Anger Management - Reading the angriest posts about the content from the forums/threads; Tidbits - Three (perhaps) little known, behind the scenes information about the content; Top 5 - Fun hypothetical creative list of the Top 5 something or rather in relation to the content (For example - the first lore episode focusing on Naxxramas went through the Top 5 reasons that Kel'Thuzad decided to get away from the rest of the world and float above it in Naxxramas...) If you're wondering who I am, I'm far from anonymous, my name is Josh Corbett and I am a podcast vet - I'm one of the three hosts of the comedy movie podcast The Sinner Files (sinnerfiles.com), but outside of being a movie fan, I'm a huge WoW fan and decided to start creating content for this community. I'm a lawyer from Sydney, Australia and hope that I can come to get to know some of you through this endeavour. I own some pretty gun recording equipment and that's how I can achieve such a crisp sound and polish to the episodes which people seem to appreciate. I do hope that users of this forum will come along for the ride, I only launched a few days ago and after a post on the WoW Classic subreddit the downloads have exploded and it's been amazing to see over 500 downloads within a 48 hour period and still very steadily coming in. People have already start to reach out with positive feedback on the show and it's been awesome. I really do encourage feedback, so please if you happen to have a listen and have anything to say, be it positive or negative then I would love to hear from you. The podcast is available via the website, on iTunes or on Stitcher and is also up on YouTube, just search for 'Countdown To Classic'. I'm also on Twitter (count2classic) as well as Insta and FB (countdowntoclassic) Thanks so much everyone and I truly hope I haven't got anyone bent out of shape with this advertisement of a post. Thanks all, hope to hear from you or see you around the threads, I'll be here looking for discussion points :)