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  1. Dosena

    Faction Transfer Question

    Faction change should happen right away. (Once you enter world) Please keep in mind, If your a guild leader, faction change won't take effect. You'll have to remove yourself as guild leader to complete the faction change.
  2. TBC will be it's own separate realm. This gives the community the option of either staying at Nighthaven or transferring over to TBC. As you'll be able to transfer your characters over to TBC to progress in that expansion. (Nighthaven, Elysium PVP, Darrowshire & Anathema characters) Anathema will be merged into Nighthaven once Nighthaven's patch matches Anathema's. You can find out more information HERE WotLK realm has been casually talked about a few times. But we have no definite future plans for a WotLK realm. We haven't confirmed yet if faction change on day 1 is going to happen. But we know a lot of you want day 1 faction change.
  3. Dosena

    Defeat Nek'Rosh Quest Bugged

    Hello, I'm sorry to hear that your having this issue. First try to abandon the quest and re-take it. If that still doesn't work. try deleting the WDB folders in your client's directory folder. Then relaunch the game. If that still doesn't work. You'll need in-game assistance. You'll have to resort to submitting a in-game Ticket by clicking the "RED" question mark,
  4. Dosena

    Recovered Character not correct level

    Please make a in-game ticket regarding your missing levels. The backups we have are approximately 4 weeks before the shutdown.
  5. Greetings fellow champions and adventurist, We'll soon be implementing a new PVP system onto Nighthaven, that allows people to queue battlegrounds with a chat command! Commands will be: .Arathi .Warsong .Alterac
  6. Dosena

    Character Recovery - Elysium Merge

    If your character is from Anathema it hasn't been merged it "Please note that Anathema hasn’t been merged yet due to the patch progression difference. Anathema was running on 1.11, a lot of players had Naxxramas gear. We will merge Anathema once Nighthaven has met a similar progression level." If your Character was on Elysium PVP or Darrowshire and it wasn't restored. Please make a in-game ticket with the names of the characters your missing. you can find more information regarding the merge HERE
  7. Dosena

    Nighthaven extra chars #1?

    Hello, The PTR (Private Testing Realm) is for public testing on upcoming patches. Nighthaven extra chars #1/#2 are for merged characters. You'll want to select "Nighthaven" to play
  8. How to connect to Nighthaven? Even though the process of connecting to our server is really easy, some people still find it difficult and complicated. This guide is created for all those who are having issues and do not have a clear picture on how to connect to our server and start their adventure on one of the most popular Vanilla servers out there. I will do my best to keep this guide short and detailed. If you still have some questions/issues of any kind even after reading this guide, feel free to contact me through private message on forum or discord. Here's the list of things you'll need to do before you can start playing. Video guide: Coming Soon 1. Download & Install WoW 1.12.1 Client Mac Client here: https://goo.gl/kMg8Lc) Windows Client Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TDoNNUXCtsgIUhLw96biPCqjv3AcLYkg/view 2. Change Realmlist 3. Create an Account 4. Log In, Create a character Let's get started! The first and most important thing you need to do in order to play is to get a client. You can download WoW client from many places, it makes no difference. You do, however, have to make sure the WoW client you're going to download is 1.12.1. When the download is complete (shouldn't take more than an hour), you should have a WoW folder. If you need to unzip/extract it in order to get a folder because it is in an archive, you can use programs such as WinRar or 7-zip. I would recommend keeping your WoW folder in your downloads folder or placing it on your desktop so it is easily accessible, but it is just personal preference. In order to connect to our server, you have to change the realmlist. Open your WoW folder, find a file called Realmlist, open it with Notepad, delete everything that's inside, then copy and paste the following „set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org“ (without „“). Save & close. You generally do not want to open your WoW folder everytime you want to launch the game, thus I highly recommend creating a shortcut. Open your WoW folder, locate WoW.exe (4,55 MB), right click it, Send to > Desktop (Create a shortcut). Once you've done so, the game launcher is easily accessible, you can also pin the shortcut to your taskbar. As far as client is concerned, you are good to go! Before being able to start playing, you need to take one last step. Go to our homepage (CLICK) and click Sign up (New account). You will need a working e-mail address you have an access to. Choose your username and password. Please remember to check your email and verify your email address. Write your account info down as soon as the registration process is completed, this is very important. Players forget their account info very often. Make sure the same doesn't happen to you. If you still manage to forget your password, you can restore it here (CLICK). Please note that in game account and forum account are two seperate accounts. You can create your forum account here (CLICK).
  9. Dosena

    cant log on

    Hello, please make sure you set your realm list. 1. Go into your 1.12.1 Client folder. 2. Open realmlist.wtf in a notepad 3. Then change the text in the folder to set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org
  10. Dosena

    Restored character rolled back?

    Please make a in-game ticket to resolve your issue.
  11. Greetings Players, We have decided to let the community decide the name for the new mount! The winning name will receive the mount for free. Comment your name idea's on our contest post on facebook. Good Luck adventures! Click HERE for Facebook contest post!
  12. Greetings fellow old players of the Elysium Project, One year ago, a certain individual caused the shutdown of our former realms Elysium PvP, Darrowshire (Nostalrius PvE) and Anathema (Nostalrius PvP). He and his accomplices worked hard to destroy all related data. Fortunately, this event lies in the past and we were able to reconstruct most of the data from various backups. You weren’t meant to have any choice. Until now. We give you a choice where you want to play with your characters and ensure the long-term storage of your achievements. We give you the possibility to experience Progressive Expansions on the very same characters, all of your current progress of Nighthaven will be available on TBC. Nighthaven has been founded shortly after these events, it is a blizzlike fast-progressive realm, currently being on patch 1.9. Nighthaven has a stable population which is eager to experience the best expansions. You can check out the population statistics HERE. It might be worth to mention that Nighthaven had no negative incidents since the opening, there has been no database leaks or any leak of user data, no corrupt GMs and no major downtime. Merged Characters! We are receiving daily questions such as “Can I restore my old characters?” or “Why I can’t login with my old account after taking a break?”. Hence we explained each individual the situation and where they could find their characters. Now that patch progression is matching, we decided to merge Elysium PvP and Darrowshire on the 19th August into Nighthaven. You can access your characters by logging in with your old account, you can access characters which exceed the total character limit by changing the realm in the character selection. This way you can access all characters from all realms in a single account. Now you might ask yourself “Why should I come back?”, a fair question. Since the very beginning of humanity, we do make mistakes. What matters is that we learn from these mistakes to improve ourselves, which is only possible if we keep moving forward. We have shown with Nighthaven that it is possible to run a private server without any drama, without any major technical issues and a friendly, non-toxic community. We have proven that it is possible to decrease gold sales so much that the majority of sellers gave up and stopped their sales. This is done by using the manpower of our GM team, they spend daily hours reading the related logs. We banned around 500 accounts this week for botting/selling/hack usage. We have shown our technical expertise by doing this very merge from corrupted / damaged data. It might be worth to mention that the entire process took only 3 hours, not days. Why? Because we spent days on the related scripts which are able to add a realm “on top” of another without any GUID conflicts. About the server merge: Please note that Anathema hasn’t been merged yet due to the patch progression difference. Anathema was running on 1.11, a lot of players had Naxxramas gear. We will merge Anathema once Nighthaven has met a similar progression level. Open a GM ticket or create a thread in the “Help & Support” section if you had characters on Darrowshire or Elysium PvP but don’t see them on your account yet. Burning Crusade Expansion Last but not least, it is important to mention that Elysium will remain online even after the release of Classic. Your achievements won’t be lost, on the contrary, you will be able to take those with you on our upcoming TBC realm. We have currently faith that we can launch TBC in Q1 2019 as announced last year. The realm will be progressive and will cover all important patches, this means it will be the first “real” progressive TBC server in the history of private servers. Also, a lot of content is scripted which you haven’t seen properly scripted on any TBC server so far. This is possible because we are not using any public stock core, nor the original Elysium core or any public available pserver core such as the HG core. We are currently running the last stable revision from July on a public test realm, so you can take a peak and see yourself that we are on a good way to set new standards for TBC servers.
  13. Dosena

    Server Merge is here!

    Please make a in-game ticket
  14. Dosena

    Server Merge is here!

    it will ask you to change the name once you login numbers CANT be ingame on characters so you can change the name for free by clicking on it / login
  15. Dosena

    Server Merge is here!

    The server is online now