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  1. Gewd

    Level 50 Druid Quest Bug

    Please create an in-game ticket and the GMs will take a look for you.
  2. Gewd

    Please delete account

    We do not close and delete accounts for no reason. If you do not wish to play on Elysium then you are welcome to move on, however, your account will remain if you wish to come back. We wish you the best!
  3. Gewd

    Battle shout issue

    GMs don't handle anything related to bugs besides hand them off to the devs in most cases. If you think there is a bug and can confirm it then you can post it on the BugTracker.
  4. Gewd

    Game crashing after few seconds

    My online suggestion would be to try to install a fresh client and see if this fixes the problem. One or more of your game files are probably corrupt.
  5. Gewd

    Account suspended

    Please change your password via the online control panel.
  6. Gewd

    Suspended when trying to logg in.

    Also make sure that you verified your e-mail address if it's a fresh account, otherwise you won't be able to login to the game.
  7. Gewd

    Lost/stolen account

  8. Gewd

    Install Botched

    Direct download that was used for Nostalrius is here. It's a fresh client, just remember to change the realmlist.wtf file to "set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org"
  9. Gewd

    Downloading the client

    Hey, try this link: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwqkyVclKhsvQlpzTzRyM2dfcXM&export=download Keep in mind that you'll need a program like uTorrent or BitLord to download this torrent. This link was copied from https://www.reddit.com/r/LegacyRealms/wiki/clientdownload
  10. Gewd

    Faction Transfer Question

    You need to login to your character and it will disconnect you, prompting the faction change.
  11. Gewd

    Can't Access Control Panel

    Your account has two-step authentication setup. If you do not remember setting it up please message a member of the Lead Team on Discord.
  12. Please make sure your realmlist is set to "set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org". I'm willing to do a TeamViewer session to try and help you resolve this issue if you'd like. If you'd like to please message me on Discord.
  13. Gewd

    WOD character models

    We do not support the use of alternated files but it is not against the rules. Use at your own risk.
  14. Hello, What exactly does the error message say when you try to connect?
  15. Gewd

    Stuck at Connected

    Are you stuck at retrieving realmlist or connecting to the server in general?