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  1. Starz

    character lost

    We will merge Anathema characters in soon, keep a look out for the release date in the near future!
  2. Starz

    List of Bugs

    BlazeFury, we do appreciate your reports and your feedback! Please submit the bug reports using the Bug Tracker, there is a dedicated team that addresses tickets when submitted there. They will be seen by the right folks and hopefully addressed more expediently that way! Thanks!
  3. Starz

    Does not work chat - WHISPER

    Please submit an in game ticket using the red ? icon for in game issues. Thanks, and good luck!
  4. Starz

    Transferred charachter from Nostalrius

    Duplicate... names? Were your warrior, lock, and rogue all on the same server and account?
  5. Starz


    Hi Septic, I know it's super frustrating. This is a PVP server, however, and cross faction conflicts are part of the game... That being said, if you find the same person is repeatedly stalking you, you may file an in game ticket (using the red ? icon) and file a harassment ticket, and ask a GM to check it out. Good luck!
  6. Starz

    Ban only in game or also on the website?

    I believe the ban restricts access to both the game only.
  7. I am told it is a regional option. I'm afraid I have no further info than that. (I, too, preferred using Amazon to the current options!)
  8. Starz

    Quest Buged: Cenarius Legacy

    Please submit an in-game ticket!
  9. Starz

    Maunt quest (warlock)

    Please submit an in-game ticket for this trouble!
  10. Starz

    No letter for changing password

    Use the command while in game: .account password OLDPASS NEWPASS NEWPASS
  11. Starz

    Cannot Join Game? Requesting PIN?

    Go through the steps to enable Two Factor Authentication on the website. Your authenticator has the pin it's looking for.
  12. Starz

    No letter for changing password

    Try changing your password in game instead. After logging in, use the .account command to reset it. Check our Discord announcement channel for detailed steps.
  13. Starz

    Shift key functionality stops after alt-tabbing

    Found the Blizzard post here for this issue: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/5493989825
  14. Starz

    Got ganked in Durotar

    Lieutenant Benedict is flagged for pvp. When you kill him, you become flagged.
  15. Starz

    [linux] xkbcomp (remapping a keyboard)

    Fascinating! Unfortunately with this specific issue you might be barking up the wrong tree. You can def see if there are any users that can offer support on the Discord channel, but it really sounds like you need to find support from the folks that support xkbcomp. Unfortunately I am not one of them, and would be in the same boat as you as far as understanding it. Try cross posting on one of their support sites? Or perhaps trying a diff keymap program? I wish I had a better answer for you...