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  1. Vakgarr

    Why the TBC server needs to be PVE

    I agree with what RogueArc says. There is no actual wPvP, only ganking and camping. If someone wants to PvP should go to BGs. I also understand that if the community prefers a PvP server and that PvE servers are dying, then PvP server is the way to go. Both for a healthy populated server and happy community. However, in this post with a poll, PvE won by a lot! A new poll might be the correct action.
  2. Hello, I believe that the respawn rate for mobs is too fast. In quests like "lvl30 Battle for Hillsbrad [Elite]" the mods respawn so fast that no real progress can be made, even for 5 man groups. I also noticed that in many other quests like the one on the rooftops of thousant needles, the Tauren there, respawn too fast. In general, in caves or buildings, the respawns suround and overwhelm the players. Even though it is nice for named mobs to respawn fast so many ppl progress the quests, I believe it is better to sacrifice a bit wait time for the satisfaction of completing a hard quest or many other quests.
  3. Vakgarr

    Double XP and player base

    I believe the Double XP is not for this server. The whole point of the server is to be as close to Vanilla as possible. Did Vanilla had Double XP? No.