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  1. Probzta5311

    First Aid Bug?

    thankyou for your help
  2. Probzta5311

    First Aid Bug?

    it was my client , will delete and re install thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Probzta5311

    First Aid Bug?

    ill try on my other laptop that has just downloaded the client after the dungeon im in
  4. Probzta5311

    First Aid Bug?

    i completed that before posting the message as requested by the GM in game, still didnt work ๐Ÿ˜ž ive just created another character and it wont let me learn it on that either, thought it might be my addons so i deleted those still wont train
  5. Probzta5311

    First Aid Bug?

    I've tried the first aid trainer in SW( Shaina Fuller), Ironforge (Nissa Firestone) and Goldshire (Michelle Belle), they all say the same i have cooking on that toon but it shouldnt be an issue as you can have all secondary proffessions. I also have first aid on all my other toons which i learnt from SW
  6. Probzta5311

    First Aid Bug?

    Trying to learn first aid on my warrior, but trainer does not have apprentace first Aid skill to train. I dont currently have first aid on this toon, i have deleted the WDB folder and reloged, that didnt work. spoke to a GM and they couldnt fix it any support would be appriciated.