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    no Characters on TBC

    TBC is not LIVE just yet, it's still a test server. There will be an announcement when TBC goes live and I'm sure at that point there will be an explanation on what you need to do. There's a whole section on TBC discussions: https://forum.elysium-project.org/forum/510-the-burning-crusade/
  2. SoloG

    no Characters on TBC

    You didn't miss any step. The TBC test server has a separate character profile so you can have a new set of 10 characters.
  3. Is there an ETA of when the server will be back online? Thanks
  4. I am not able to connect to the TBC Stress Test Server as it states "Logging into game server" and never login and returns to the realm selection, I can connect to the PTR#2 server just fine but not the one for the stress test today for today. Help so we can test the server today, thanks!