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    In Vanilla, Paladins are only available on the Alliance side. It is not until TBC that Paladin becomes available for the Horde. Just the same as the Shaman is only available on the Horde in vanilla and becomes available to the Alliance in TBC.
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    missing gold

    I'm sure a GM can take a look, perhaps provide the characters names so when they see this post they can take a look
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    no Characters on TBC

    TBC is not LIVE just yet, it's still a test server. There will be an announcement when TBC goes live and I'm sure at that point there will be an explanation on what you need to do. There's a whole section on TBC discussions: https://forum.elysium-project.org/forum/510-the-burning-crusade/
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    no Characters on TBC

    You didn't miss any step. The TBC test server has a separate character profile so you can have a new set of 10 characters.
  5. Is there an ETA of when the server will be back online? Thanks
  6. I am not able to connect to the TBC Stress Test Server as it states "Logging into game server" and never login and returns to the realm selection, I can connect to the PTR#2 server just fine but not the one for the stress test today for today. Help so we can test the server today, thanks!