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  1. On the 3rd August I will be doing a 24 hour charity levelling stream on Nethergarde for SANDS Lothians. All donations and subscriptions on the day will go to SANDS. Twitch.TV/tamaxlia. There is a button to donate just below the video or a button to subscribe just above it. If you want to decide which class I will play send a donation or a sub before the stream with Druid, Hunter, Warlock or Warrior. Whichever gets the most I will level, except warrior which I will only level if it beats all the rest. More incentives to donate on the day and donation goals. Amazon Prime Members can donate for free. Here is a video Guide of How to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsbpD4-4wR8 Thanks for your time and please don't troll me, it's for charity Tam