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  1. yeah, no problem. believe me, I am just as irritated about this as you are. The Wife and I spent a lot of Time building Chars on Stormrage, So it is not easy to watch it all get flushed away. P.S. Endless's Sunstrider is Bumping! XP Rate is 5x and so is the Spawn Rate.
  2. No Offense to Elysium, but if they can't be bothered to drop a Announcement about what is happening with their only TBC Server Stormrage, then they don't deserve to keep their TBC Player Base. The Server has been Neglected now for almost a Month! I have lost all Trust with the Elysium Team over this. Shame on you guys! to answer your Q, yes the Client is the Same. 2.4.3.
  3. https://endless.gg/ set realmlist logon.endless.gg https://endless.gg/factionbalance Alliance gets Perks! https://youtu.be/u8c9XsOyvSI
  4. Sabrium

    Bugged Quest on Stormrage

    Zancon, I tried Setting up an Account so I could post Bugs but when I got half way through the Setup Github started asking me to upload things I have no Clue about. Is there a way to Post on Github without creating an Account?
  5. Sabrium

    Cannot Login

    So, from what I can tell, Stormrage has Frozen and won't move! You can see for yourself here https://elysium-project.org/main/stat. Notice that the Uptime is stuck at 22 h. 28 m. 49 s. I hope we don't lose all our TBC Data. That would really suck.
  6. Sabrium


    Beal, The Forum Account you created, and are using right now to communicate here with is not a WoW Account. If you want to play on Elysium's WoW Servers, you must first create an Account on the Elysium-Project Website(https://elysium-project.org/main/index), then you Download the 1.12 Vanilla WoW Client. Once you have downloaded and unzipped the Folder, rename the Folder to Vanilla Wow and move it to your (C:) Drive. Open the Folder and look for a Document called Realmlist. Delete Everything after Set RealmList and type in Logon.Elysium-project.org. Save the Document, open up the WoW.EXE and then type in your Account Name and Password that you just set up on the Website (Not the Forum). Login and enjoy!
  7. Are you saying that you want to leave Blizzard's Classic for Elysium? Zancon, would it be possible for them to create Accounts and then send in screen shots of their Character Roster for you guys to quickly recreate. Yes, the Chars would be naked, but this would be a nice incentive for them to leave Classic, and not have to start all over again.
  8. Sabrium

    Cannot Login

    My Wife and I are having the same Problem with both of our Accounts. I even tried using the Account I created for my Sister and I got the same Result. It has been over 26 Hours since I noticed this. I hope it gets fixed.
  9. Sabrium

    Bugged Quest on Stormrage

    Okay we are Finding alot of Buggy Quests on TBC, and this is where we will Post them. I will Start by Noting that the Trap for Plagued Lands in Dark Shore is not Activating when the Rabid Thistle Bear steps over it.
  10. Sabrium

    Toxic affair

    Actually Danejah, you were the one Talking like a 14 Year Old. Maybe you should grow up and learn to use Civilized Language. Not only that, you Violated ToS Repeatedly, and therefor your Account should be Deactivated. If Elysium Project Doesn't act, they then are setting a precedent that using Foul Language with other Players is okay.
  11. I 100% agree! My Wife and I have been to 4 Boss Fights now, and neither of us have gotten anything. It is Super disheartening.
  12. I agree with you. I am 3 Successful Ragtheradon Fights in and I have nothing to show for it :( besides a 9 Gold Repair Bill! Lol
  13. Sabrium

    Attention Rain

    Excellent, thank you for clearing that up. I heard that it is Faction Bound. So if the Horde Tags it, only Horde Players on the Threat Table get Selected, and Vice-versa.
  14. Sabrium

    Attention Rain

    I would also like to add a Suggestion. Keep the Dark Portal World Boss Event recurring once a Month. This will allow Players who stay on Nighthaven and don't go to Classic, a little more Content to look forward to.
  15. Just a few Hours ago you reset Nighthaven so that the Dark Portal Event World Boss would trigger, and he did. My Problem is that when we killed him, we had 2 nearly full Alliance (40-Man)Raid Groups, but only 1 Group got the Loot. It was wicked unfair, and frankly very discouraging for those who lost out to be willing to do it again. This is because the Raid Leaders will stack the Best Geared Players and will tell their Group not to participate unless they have the Boss locked in to receive the Loot. I know this because I was in Group 1 with my Wife, who was one of the only Two Warlocks helping Summon. She got kicked for not having a sufficient level(53), and I left because they said they only wanted Players in Raid Gear. We went to Group 2 and Group 1 wouldn't help if it was not Tagged for them. I sincerely hope you can find a way to make this right. Thank you for your Time and Understanding. -Winedine P.S. The Leader of Group 1 was named Floseph.