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  1. Aduvar

    Desperate Prayer disappeared

    Greetings Arnica, can you make a ticket in-game so our Game-Master team can assist you with your problems.
  2. Aduvar

    problem with my web account

    Greetings both of you, so regarding shop issues you should message rain on our discord to get help as fast as possible. his discord is Rain#7702 or you can find him on our official discord
  3. Greetings Verdena985! Our realm population can be found if you click the realm on https://elysium-project.org/main/stat. hope this helped!
  4. Aduvar

    Multiple Accounts - Same IP

    Greetings @retrogamingdev we allow multiple people from different households however to make sure players are not multiboxing you might get asked by a Game Master to verify this by doing a series of things in-game at the same time hope this answered your question. sorry for the long reply time.
  5. Aduvar


    the server is not empty it just has spikes at the current time, you can watch the population on our home page
  6. Aduvar

    TBC realms not working

    The TBC realm is currently offline for a unknown amount of time
  7. Aduvar

    A bug with character images

    try deleting your WDB folder
  8. Aduvar

    help me please

    you just have to check the other pages for gold, and make sure you click the right page to find it.
  9. Aduvar

    my lvl 60 hunter disappeard, cant find it

    Greetings Aresann, have you checked if you deleted the character? i can only find a level 1 Tauren Warrior with the name ''Qianglu'' on nighthaven
  10. Aduvar

    tbc server

    well its unknown if the realm will even get back up at this point we're still looking into it
  11. Aduvar

    tbc server

    our TBC realm is currently closed
  12. Aduvar

    Help game wont work???

    no it will most likely stay offline for a while, i suggest checking out or vanilla realm meanwhile 🙂
  13. Aduvar

    Light's Hope Transferes Update

    hey there thecat, so sadly there is not any updates yet we still hope to have this sorted soon but we are experiancing a lack of manpower aka (developers) hope this helped to give you some insight into the situation Best Regards Elysium Game Master Elysium Community Manager Valkorion
  14. Aduvar

    Help game wont work???

    so our TBC realms are down right now. nighthaven is our Vanilla realm
  15. the honor gained per kill are based off what rank they are and how many people are around you during the kill as the honor from a kill is split between group members nearby. also you gain more honor from winning than loosing battlegrounds as you win more battlegrounds you get more honor than you would if you lost them