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    Shaman Water Totem questline part 3 bug

    Im pretty sure i'm at the right well (checked some YouTube videos to check this). Here is a screenshot of the well im talking about. Tried finding the "magic spot" but after 10 minutes of trying everywhere around/at the top/under/beside (all thinkable positions 🤣) i gave up. I tried also to delete the WDB folder, but it didnt solve the problem 😞
  2. Hey, I am on part 3 of the water totem questline and I'm in Tarren Mill where I should fill the red waterskin with water from the well in Tarren Mill. The well isn't recognised though ([Requires spring well] it says), although i'm next to it and clicking on the waterskin. Is it bugged? Can someone help me out, cause I cannot finish the questline otherwise. Thanks in advance! Maestrolijk