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  1. You don't really need to know exact amount of players on the battlegrounds to organize low lvl pvp.
  2. Довольно редкие навыки хотите.
  3. Xudojnik

    Custom PvP Brackets

    I heard this talk recently. "Low pvp population" is when you have 100 people in weekly standing and r14 is not possible at all. Translate this thread if you want to know how to increase amount of players in standing.
  4. Xudojnik

    Fishing floating wreckage.

    In addtion, you need to fish all spots including stonescale eel, firefin snapper, oily blackmouth. Wreckage can appear instead of them.
  5. Xudojnik


    I think you should not compare top players and average ones. It you make original instance enough challenging for top player, then average player will suffer some problems with it. I can hardly believe that significant portion of 10000 players is top one. Over 9000 players are casual ones, they do not want the thing you proposing. And they probably will never get to forum to stop your propaganda of difficulty.
  6. Xudojnik

    Banned - Gold Selling

    It is karma. You get gold from Universe, but you should give it something in return. In your case it is your character. You should thank Universe, because you still alive and have good health (i hope).
  7. Xudojnik

    Banned - Gold Selling

    Didn't your mom said that you should not take gifts from strangers?
  8. Xudojnik

    Banned - Gold Selling

    You were suddenly given so much gold? Really?
  9. Xudojnik

    Update 30.08.2016

    Ага. Даже на варлордах
  10. Гайд на воина-танка по содержанию неочень 1 билд на 2 страницы всего. Но по оформлению хорошо сделано.
  11. Xudojnik

    Melee shaman 20/31/0

    I think you should repost whole document here. This link can die eventually.
  12. Xudojnik

    Шам Энх

    На каче скорость путешествий действительно важная штука. Ты проведешь больше времени бегая туда-сюда, чем убивая мобов.
  13. Xudojnik

    Разовые вопросы и ответы

    Как интересно у тебя онлайн 1000 превратился в 100 тел