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  1. It's the immigrating nopers, not ''every member of koalaition'' veteran koala here! I expect coalmen skype chat to mention procto now! (ofc I'm in there, I'm extremely loveable)
  2. Procto

    NEW!World PVP Elysium VIDEO

    Nice nice, I'll keep my tabs on you bunch (I'm not alliance)
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    BYO donate guild?

    GayForSaulty jkimalreadygay
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    Assuming guilds got help with ''loot tables'' just writes you off as a fool to anyone not fkn stupid. source; gm experience
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    Care Mytoes go fk yourself exdee :reasoning; homophobic ''weeaboo'' dikhead
  6. Can we get an update?????
  7. Procto

    Fix the CC-Immune Bat pet

    it's not my issue, I don't raid so I won't get that issue or item but alright disregard the issue :)
  8. Why are you sorry? My very reply incites criticism, I also encourage it by mentioning this is the first time touching warlock in wow for me And I'm still doing a rather good job I tabtarget a lot, people fuck up, just cuz I stream and you get to see all my fuck ups doesn't mean I'm worse than most locks which I know for certainty I am not. I was hosting the premades my last two weeks so sometimes while organizing people I lost myself cuz like the class I'm new to micromanaging the pet. It's rather common to only have petattack bound and not petfollow, I have petattack on mouse and petpassive with my drain soul macro so I can press it while casting or running to get my pet back, yes I click petstop cuz I rarely need to use it, vs arms warriors yes but it's rare and most warriors don't know how to efficently combat lock with taunt on pet and sweeping strikes. And again, fuck ups happen, I've had my pet keep attacking and forgotten to retrieve it about total of three times out of thousands of situations. Best players is perceived individually, nice arrogance.
  9. Why would I apply CoT on you when 5 ppl are nuking you? You just salty mate, rather put agony in 1v1 and spell lock you like when I saw you last week, rip. I'm not gonna go ahead and CoT straight away when I'm conflag specced, that'd be downright stupid. Footage from last week while hosting a premade on horde as sm/ruin https://www.twitch.tv/videos/121834805 First time I play warlock, pls find flaws in my CoT applications. edit that clip was short, here's a longer one https://www.twitch.tv/videos/121958213 Also I see Ferm on OP list, he deleted his priest and left discord for some reason, rip in pieces.
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    Engineering 1 - 300 Guide

    need about twice as much of everything, also the beginning.. you buy 60 rough stone but you're already past this [41] when you're done making the blasting powder amazed why there isn't a normal guide out yet for 1x rate and why haven't I learned after a 5th time leveling engineering
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    Aliance in wsg LUL

    Horde prem won because of experience.
  12. ^ The proc is the reason the warriors are oneshotting clothies:) Should probably have added that but thought it was too obvious why it's oneshotting. not the proc listed above but the one currently in use.. 2100 armor reduction.
  13. Your concept of crying nerd is wildly out of order, how am I crying? I haven't raged once, just saying I thought it was absurd, many told me that BRE is still in it's buffed naxx form. I had a feeling you would be the first to reply haha also no, I'm too autistic to be in a guild with serious minded people, I've become far too socially retracted. I left Coalition, rip.
  14. What about Bonereaver's Edge, it has what.. 10 dps more than it should? Uncertain about Chance on Hit if it really was 700 armor reduction stacking up to 2100 (3stacks) on the enemy. Literally every warrior on alliance 1shots clothies lul (with BRE, typo)